Welcome to the world of Blogging

I have been reading about people and blogs and thought, “why not me?”. So today, Friday 10/14 is the first installment of Leanne’s blog, labeled “Disney Trips and Stuff”.

2 weeks away from our annual pilgrimage to Disney World. The excitement is building, and the suitcases are almost out to start packing. Been voraciously reading the DisBoards and living vicariously through the people who are there now. We are looking forward to a week of Food and Wine, and I don’t mean just the festival. Planning our daily margaritas by the pool, and nightcaps of coffee and Bailey’s. Kindle’s are loaded with books to read, and the bathing suits have been tried on. You know how they shrink when they are stored away! 9 more days of work and I can escape to Fantasyland for a week. The bad part; I always have to come back.

I hope to post daily until the trip and then update with daily trip reports and photos. Thanks for reading.


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2 responses to “Welcome to the world of Blogging

  1. Brian K

    Sounds like fun! Let me know how it goes!

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