Where is your “Happy Place?”

Yesterday I mentioned sitting on the bench at the Boardwalk is my “happy place”.  Disney World makes me happy from the moment we drive through the welcome arch.  When I walk through those sliding doors at Boardwalk Villas, I am instantly engulfed in the “feeling”.  Every morning when I wake up and look out over the lake, I am happy.  Pulling on my walking shoes and heading out the door for my early morning walk around the lake, I am happy.  Eating nachos and dingers at the ESPN club, I am happy.  Sitting on the bench with Brian, drinking coffee and Bailey’s, I am happy.

Las Vegas could be another happy place, but since most of the time I am losing money, that doesn’t make me happy.  What does make me happy is spending time with my sister, Carla in Vegas.  We laugh, we commiserate about losing money, we eat good food and enjoy the sight of all types of people that inhabit the Strip on any given day or time.  I am living in the moment there.  Nothing matters except what I happen to be doing right now.  So, I guess Las Vegas is #2.

Your happy place should be almost like heaven on earth.  The place where there is only joy, and there are no problems.  Nothing matters except living in the moment and enjoying everything around you.  Real life should be like that.  I wish it was, or maybe I just need to have more Eckhart Tolle moments.

Everyone needs a happy place, so that when you are in the throes of something extremely awful or painful, you can send your mind there and be peaceful.

Where is your happy place?


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2 responses to “Where is your “Happy Place?”

  1. Fun entry! Well my first Happy Place would be Disneyland, specifically sitting on a bench in the hub (end of Main Street in front of the castle), just people watching, taking in the shade if I’m under a tree, soaking in the Disney atmosphere. DS and I often stop here to enjoy a snack! Plus there’s a lot of roving entertainment that comes through there. My second happy place would be up in our local mountains. DH’s grandparents have a cabin up there that they built themselves in the 50’s and while it’s open for everyone in the family to use, we’re mostly the only ones who go up there. We try to get up there as often as possible–in fact we’re heading up this coming Wednesday! It’s so quiet and peaceful and the air is so clean and in the winter there’s fabulous snow and it’s just distraction-free family time. Love it!

  2. Thanks for responding! Sitting on a bench anywhere at Walt Disney World is one of the things that I like to do best.

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