In the immortal words of Carly Simon:

Anticipation, anticipation
Is makin’ me late
Is keepin’ me waitin’

The worst thing about the Disney trip is the anticipation.  The best thing about the Disney trip is the anticipation.   I hate waiting for the trip to get here, but I love planning and dreaming about the trip.  The counter started at 256 days.  As of today,  based on the counters on my:  iGoogle page, Disney Vacation Club, and trip counters on my 2 smart phones, 11 days to go.  Good thing I have all these reminders because I might forget.

And then, just like that, the vacation is over in the blink of an eye.  You arrive with the thought that I will be here for 7 days, and it’s such a long time to go, but pretty soon, it’s departure day and you wonder how the vacation went by so fast.  I NEVER wish my vacation away.  I savor every single second of it because those thoughts need to last until it’s time to plan the next vacation.

Disney Cruise 2012 anyone?


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4 responses to “Anticipation…

  1. Brian K

    the waiting… the hardest part.

  2. Almost into single digits!

  3. Oh how funny, I think our trip is the same time as yours! Planning is almost as much fun as going!

  4. prttynpnk- I’m hoping that we’ll see you at MNSSHP because I would LOVE to see your costumes.

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