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This year will be the first time we are spending Halloween at Disney World.  Looking forward to attending Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween party with parades and special fireworks, as well as Trick or Treating.  Thought it would be fun to dress up, so I went to our local Halloween store looking for costumes.  Saw a  “Sexy Snow White” and “Sexy Cinderella” costumes, and I thought that’s just wrong to wear those in the Magic Kingdom.  Saw some other cute ones but wanted to be comfortable while at the park.  I settled on a Pirate for Brian (headscarf, eye-patch and gold earring) and a Kitty for me. (Kitty ears, collar with bell, white tail, and pink false eye-lashes).

I remember Halloween when I was growing up.  I was never the “girlie-girl” type, so I never had a really pretty costume.  The only costume I ever remember, was dressing up as a hobo, and that was because my Grandma had a plethora of plaid shirts and jackets.  Threw those on over a pair of pants; blackened my face with a burnt cork, and off I went.

Today’s question is- “What was your favorite Halloween costume when you were a kid, and are you dressing up this year?”


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6 responses to “Halloween

  1. Carol Puglia

    I don’t remember what I wore as a child, but when I was married, we went to a Halloween party. We took a big box and used it to make a big black ball with wet paper and glue. Made a paper chain. My husband work stripe pj’s and I went as the ball and chain.
    The hard part was trying to get into the car and get to the party.

  2. Brian K

    I remember one year I/we dressed as Raggedy Ann & Andy. Used red lipstick to red my cheeks and it wouldn’t come off. Had to go to work @ TWA with big red dots on my cheeks for a few days. That wasn’t at all embarrassing………

  3. And we looked so cute, too. My favorite costume was the year of the infamous Nystrom Halloween party. You were the Confederate soldier and I was the Southern Belle. First time I ever wore a “pretty” costume.

  4. My husband and I are doing MNSSHP this year too, as Dug and Russell from ‘Up! ‘

  5. prttynpnk- when will you be there? Would love to see your costumes! So clever!

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