My name is Leanne and I’m an addict.  My drugs of choice are;  purses, suitcases, tote bags, lunch bags, etc.  My closet shelves are full of purses, and my basement shelves are full of suitcases and I’m trying to decide which bag(s) to take on vacation.  Do I take the Dooney & Bourke week-ender or the Donna Karan tote, or my Travelon rolling bag, or do I need a larger bag such as my hot-pink Ellen Tracy suitcase?

As you know, because of the Owner’s Locker, I don’t need to bring that much, so that eliminates the Ellen Tracy bag.  I have my flip-flops, gym shoes,sundries, and all of my make-up in the locker, so that leaves me with a few changes of clothing, (we have a washer and dryer in the unit) and my bathing suit.  Plus the Kindle, i-Pod, cell phone, and the latest issue of Food Network magazine.  Going with the Travelon bag so I don’t have to carry anything!

Wait…did I just see a cute Vera Bradley tote on QVC?

What are your must-have items on vacation?  


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2 responses to “Addiction

  1. 3 pieces of Betsey Johnson luggage and my nook! Gotta have!

  2. Oooh! Betsey Johnson luggage. I have never seen them before. Knowing Betsey Johnson they must be pretty unique and colorful.

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