I am a pornographer;

a food pornographer.  I saw this term the other day and was fascinated!  When you take pictures of food, the pictures are known as “food porn“.  I think I am way ahead of the game because I have been taking pictures of my food at various parties, for years.  It has now become fashionable (and easier) with the advent of picture taking cell phones.  Much easier to whip out your phone at a restaurant, than a camera.  People expect you to have your phone at a restaurant, in order to easily annoy fellow diners with your chatter, but I digress.

What we lovingly refer to as “drinking around the world”, also has come to be known as the “monorail crawl”.  Check out this review of the Tambu Lounge at the Polynesian Resort, along with some great food porn.


Until I have my own food porn later this week, you can easily view lots of Disney food pictures at the following websites:


Bon Appetit!


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2 responses to “I am a pornographer;

  1. The 1st week the Wave was open we were lucky enough to be home and my husband took many lunch pics and I admit I was a little embarrassed that people would think we were crazy gluttons, but as we were leaving a table asked us if we were posting to Intercot or Disboards! Now it’s a routine top bless the food then pose it!

  2. Love that- blessing the food, then posing it. 🙂 Hoping to take a lot of food pictures on our next trip.

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