She’s got legs..

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and they are lily white.  Now is the time I look down at those legs and think “maybe I want to hit them with a little self-tanner before I go to Walt Disney World.”  And then, I remember (cue Twilight Zone music)…Imagine if you will…

Years ago when self-tanners were nothing but orange cream for your legs, I had that very same thought.  So, I slathered my legs with the stuff and off I went to Florida.  My legs looked really good when I was wearing shorts, and the tan almost looked natural.    One afternoon, we put on our swimming suits to spend a leisurely afternoon at Storm Along Bay.  The kids wanted to go on the slide, so we headed in that direction.  I climbed the stairs first, and hubby was right behind me when I heard him exclaim, “What is wrong with your legs?”.  “Yes”, I said, “don’t they look great?”.   He asked if I had looked in the mirror, which I did, but only the front part of my legs.  As it happened, I had unevenly applied the self-tanner and left a huge white hand-print at the top of my thighs.  Thank God, my husband was standing behind me.  I, however, did not put my bathing suit on for the rest of the trip.

So, no self-tanner for this trip.  The legs will just remain white.  No one will stare at my white legs.  They might, however, stare at a white hand-print on my thighs.

Do you have a self-tanner horror story?  I know I can’t be the only one.


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3 responses to “She’s got legs..

  1. I’ve never been brave enough for self-tanner and I am a little on the translucent side…every year I get ambushed by very helpful tourists furiously flipping thru their translation books trying to tell me to put on sunblock. I swear I slather up, no need to call the paramedics!

  2. prttynpnk- That’s too funny! Sounds like your legs are whiter than mine.

  3. There is a glow, I admit.

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