A Women’s Right To Shoes

Sex and the City A high-heeled ladies shoe.

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I love it when I can combine my two favorite things;  Walt Disney World and Sex and the City.  A very odd combination but I  like to think of it as “good girl, bad girl”.  Stay with me on this.

There is a website, badshoe.com that highlights bad theme park footwear.  It’s a great concept, because if you do a lot of people watching, like we do, you see all kinds of shoes.  In my opinion, the only shoes one should be wearing are athletic shoes.  An occasional flip-flop is OK but only for the pool.  There are miles and miles of pavement to be covered at the parks and why anyone would want to do that in other than a sturdy shoe is beyond me.  Even I, as a slave to fashion, would never consider anything but my New Balance shoes for park hopping.

Our favorite spot for people watching is our bench under the tree on the Boardwalk.  The evenings are perfect.  Lots of activity and people traversing the wooden slats of the Boardwalk on their way to various destinations.   Many women are dressed up for dinner, heels included.  I am sure that they did not take the terrain of the Boardwalk into consideration when those heels were chosen because those planks will naturally attract a tall slim heel.  Due to our sick sense of humor, we carefully watch these women and try to determine at what point will their shoe be swallowed up by the Boardwalk.  Their shoe stays, but they keep walking.  Yes, this puts the “amusement” in “amusement park”.

As an homage to shoe loving women everywhere, click the link above the picture for a clip from the “Sex and the City” episode, “A Woman’s Right to Shoes”.


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2 responses to “A Women’s Right To Shoes

  1. I hate they way my sneakers ruin a nice dinner out ensemble at Disney but I can’t do it any other way- I have to mentally convince myself that my body ends at the ankle and hope everyone else does the same! The girls in heels at Disney always make me wince….

  2. Me, too. I want to be comfortable while I’m on vacation.

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