Let the memories begin-Day 1

Up bright and early for our 7:30am flight from St. Louis.   Flight was on-time and uneventful, which is always good.  From touch-down to rental car was 30 minutes.  Weather was overcast,  high 70’s so that’s good enough for me.

Off to the Boardwalk with hope that our room was ready, and it was!  Room 2041 with Boardwalk view.  Absolutely fabulous location, over the Screen Door General Store.

After hearing horror stories about room conditions, our room was clean and in good working order.

Apparently BWV is still working out the glitches with their wi-fi installation, and after spending about 15 minutes on the phone  with tech support, it was deemed that a technician needed to visit our room.   We did not wait around as we still needed to do our shopping.

Headed off to Publix to pick up the necessities and then to Panera for breakfast bagels, Walgreens for liquor and Starbucks for coffee beans.

By the time we got back, tech support was knocking on our door, and was not able to get our wi-fi working, but we are hard-wired and that’s good enough for us.

Our day 1 tradition is nachos and dingers at ESPN and as always, did not disappoint.  Food porn pictures to follow.

Spent some time people watching on the Boardwalk and drinking coffee and Baileys.  Seashore Sweets was our next stop for ice cream.  Finished the evening with a walk around the lake and back to our room for the “goodnight kiss” of watching Illuminations from our room.

So far, a wonderful vacation.  5 more glorious days to go.  Watch for day 2 trip report.

On a related note, we are basking in the World Series win.  People ask where you are from, and we say St. Louis, and of course, the Cardinals are brought up.  Don’t have the heart to tell people we’re not really Cardinal fans, so because this is Fantasyland, we can be whatever we want.

View from our room

Those 'infamous" nachos


Our "welcome" Mickey towel art

The biggest bottle of Bailey's we could find. This should last us.


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4 responses to “Let the memories begin-Day 1

  1. Dinner at the yachtsman tonight, I will be looking for you!

  2. Enjoy your dinner. Hear that the food there is terrific. If you happen to walk over to the Boardwalk, we’ll be sitting on the bench across from the Funnel Cake stand.

  3. I really, really want those nachos!!!! Yummy!!! Glad your enjoying yourself, that’s no surprise since your in Disney World….

  4. The nachos are to DIE for, and for us, it’s our first “must do” that lets us know we’re on vacation.

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