Let the memories begin- Day 4-Food, Glorious Food!

Just back from my morning walk (it’s 10:00 am) because I felt guilted into it by all the food and liquor we indulged in yesterday.  Get ready for some major food porn because I photographed almost everything we ate or drank.

First stop Festival Welcome Center for our wine seminar.  Franco Miroglio from Tenuta Carretta Winery was our host who presented 3 wines from his family’s winery in the Piemonte region in Italy.  Let me say that I could have listened to him speak all day long with that glorious Italian accent.

Our wine host, Franco Miroglio

The tasting consisted of 3 wines; Arneis Roero, Moscato d’Asti and Nebbiolo d’Alba.  Loved the Arneis and Moscato which were white wines, the Nebbiolo was a bit too dry for my taste, but hubby liked it.  This seminar only confirmed my utmost desire to visit Italy someday and to eat and drink my way around this beautiful country.

Arneis and Nebbiolo

Next stop was Hawaii in the World Showcase for a Kalua Pork Slider with sweet and sour Dole pineapple chutney and spicy mayonnaise. I wished the chutney would have had more flavor to it, and I did not get enough kick from the spicy mayonnaise.   Food review- 2 stars out of a possible 5.

Kalua pork slider

Desserts and Champagne kiosk was next.  We ordered the the dessert trio;  lemon chiffon, white chocolate macadamia mousse and tres leches cake.  The stand out here was the lemon chiffon, due to its intense fresh lemon flavor.

Dessert Trio

Oh Canada!  We sampled the chicken chipotle sausage with sweet corn polenta.  Food review 4.  The sausage was delightfully spicy and the corn polenta was delicious.

Chicken chipotle sausage and sweet corn polenta

Hoping to uplift the Greek economy, we stopped at the Greek kiosk next for chicken souvlaki with Tzatziki.  Food review 4.5.  This was an awesome dish.  The chicken was tender and spicy and the tzatziki was creamy and garlicky.  I’m hesitating to give anything a 5 yet, since we are going back on Thursday to sample more cuisine.

Chicken Souvlaki with Tzatziki

Over to the Emerald Isle, Ireland presented us with a lobster and scallop fisherman’s pie with warm chocolate lava cake with Bailey’s ganache.  I wanted to love the cake, but it was just OK, the fisherman’s pie, however, was outstanding, especially with the huge piece of lobster that was sitting under the warm mashed potato topping.  This dish rates a 4.

Fisherman's pie and chocolate lava cake

Feeling that we now had enough food in our stomachs we back-tracked over to Mexico for our much anticipated TEQUILA FLIGHT!

La Cava de Tequila

Hubby ordered the tequila flight which consisted of 4 shots;  Partida Blanco, Don Julio Reposado, Gran Centenario Añejo.  I wanted the margarita flight but apparently it was only available at the bar which we were not sitting at.  I chose the tamer tequila liqueur flight, which was 5 shots of flavored tequila in vanilla, coffee, and 3 other flavors I can’t remember.

Ready for takeoff with our "flights".

We sat next to a fun foursome of friends who were traveling together, and when we took their picture, their first response was “we better not see this on the internet”.  So, as requested, their picture will not be posted here.

We headed back over to the Welcome Center for our 3:00pm culinary demonstration hosted by the chefs from Tutto Italia.  The menu was Risotto al Pomodoro e Bufala- Risotto with tomatoes and mozzarella.  We weren’t sure we would like the risotto with tomatoes but the dish was fabulous and flavorful with the fresh taste of tomatoes and a hint of the mozzarella cheese.  The other dish was Mocha Tiramisu.  I can either take or leave Tiramisu, but this particular dish was so light and airy with delicate flavorings.  We were given recipes to both, so if you are planning a visit to our home, I probably will make one of these 2 dishes for you.   The dishes were so good I forgot to take picture of them!

In time for an early dinner our next stop was Via Napoli for pizza.  We had been hearing great things about this restaurant so this was a “must do” for us this trip. We ordered the Aroncini appetizer which was deep fried risotto sitting on a river of red pasta sauce.  We are very particular about our red sauce as I was brought up on my father’s sauce which was lovingly cooked for hours on our stove.  My father passed down his “recipe” so to speak, to my Polish husband who can make a marinara sauce to rival any others our there.  This, red sauce, at Via Napoli was to die for.  You almost wanted to pick up the dish and drink the sauce from the plate, it was that good.  The waiter could have left off the Aroncini and just brought sauce and bread, and that would have been fine with us.

Look at the red sauce!We ordered the individual Funghi pizza. (pizza with mushrooms).  Very, very good!  What I like most about it was the simplicity and the freshness of it.  You were able to discern the tastes of each ingredient in the pizza.  The crust had the airiness of brick oven pizzas and was light and crispy.  Just plain good is all I can say.  Rates a 4 out of 5.  Funghi pizza

Did we have room for dessert?  Oh yes we did especially since it comes standard with the Disney Dining Plan.  I had pistachio gelato and hubby had Zeppole; deep fried ricotta with a side of dipping chocolate and whip cream.  A perfect end to this delightful meal.

Gelato and zeppole

Are you full now?  We sure were after all of this and decided to make it an early evening.  Staying up late the night before and out all the next day is tiring when you’re old.

The weather has been fabulous and hoping to spend some time at pool today before our dinner reservations at Flying Fish this evening.

Hope you enjoyed our food trip around the world.  For those of you that may be contemplating a trip to Disney World;  you will want to consider coming during the Food and Wine Festival.   It’s definitely a great trip for adults who want to travel the world but don’t want to leave the USA.


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4 responses to “Let the memories begin- Day 4-Food, Glorious Food!

  1. campbellsoup614

    That sounds/looks fantastic!

  2. Carol Puglia

    When does the diet start?
    The food and wine look just wonderful. Now I want to go there.

  3. The diet starts Saturday! Spinning at 8:15 am. The festival is a very good time and a wonderful adults only vacation.

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