Let the Memories Begin-Last Day

WOW!  Where did the time go?  Can’t believe it was our last day.  We decided to make it an all day affair in order to get the maximum enjoyment from our final 24 hours at Walt Disney World.

(Note- hubby will be referenced from here on as Mr. T, since hubby sounds silly- “I pity the fool”)

Up early and headed out to Hollywood Studios.  Could not believe that Christmas decorations were up already.

Christmas? Please, too early...

We made a bee line to Toy Story Mania for a fast pass. Return time as 1:00pm.  After receiving our fast passes we walked past the queue and the wait time was 30 minutes.  We went in and it was just short of a walk on.  If we waited 10 minutes in line, that was long.  Donned our 3-D glasses and off we went.  I beat Mr. T by 2,000 points, which NEVER happens.  Victory was sweet.

My next favorite ride- Muppet Vision 3-D.  This show is so darn cute and I can’t see it enough times.  Always puts a smile on my face.  Again, another walk-on.

After Muppets, we had our photos taken at the Cars scene:

Mater and Us

My last must-do ride; The Great Movie Ride.  We did not even have enough time to watch the pre-show movie trailers which I  love, before we were boarding our cars.  I love this ride, too.  The old movies are the best.

We had 4 Disney Dining table service credits left and walked to the Hollywood Brown Derby to check for lunch availability.  As luck would have it, we were immediately seated at an outside table.  The weather was beautiful and the people watching spot was primo.  No doubt about what to have for lunch;  Cobb Salad.  As a side note to my mother who loves Cobb Salad but never is able to get the real thing- here it is, Mom.

The one and only original Cobb Salad

Grapefruit cake and creme brulee for dessert:

Grapefruit CakeCreme brulee

Spent a little more time browsing the shops and then hopped the boat for Epcot to spend our last hours.  Started in France with Grey Goose slushies:

Grey Goose Slushies

As good as these are, the BEST thing I ate or drank at the Festival was a Mojito at the Caribbean kiosk.  It was so minty and fresh tasting, I could have drunk at least 5 of them.  We continued our around the world food sampling and in order to save our appetite for Fish and Chips in the UK, we walked over to The Land to ride Soarin.

The Land

I have not ridden that ride in a few years and I forgot how freakin awesome it is!  It really feels like you are in a glider.  That was actually a 30 minute wait, but we met up with 2 couples that we met in France so the time whizzed by as we talked.

Last task of the night was Fish and Chips in the UK.  These are so good.  No pictures since it was now dark out.  We scored a table out in front of the pub, and spent the rest of the evening there.

After Illuminations we sat and waited for most of the people to leave the park, and that’s when we head out.  It was sad to be leaving for the last time on this trip, but we know we’ll be back again.

We had an 8:30am Magical Express bus to catch so we packed up our Owners Locker and luggage so as not to rush in the  morning.  Bittersweet, for sure.  Ready to go home, but not really.

Tomorrow I will do a re-cap of the trip and note the best and worst.    Thanks for coming along on our trip!


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2 responses to “Let the Memories Begin-Last Day

  1. Aunt Mare

    Definitely doing double duty at spinning class. Wow! The food looks fabulous and by the way, so do you! What fun! never, ever, never stop doing this! What a great vacation! Sending love, Aunt Mare

  2. This was by far, one of our most awesome trips to Disney World. I am already in the planning stages for 2012.

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