I Do

I’m not sure I realized the commitment I was making when deciding to do a blog.  I feel compelled to write every day, even if I only  have a few followers.  Writing the blog is both a commitment and a challenge to myself to be creative and think of something to write daily.    Titling the blog “disneytripandstuff” adds additional complexity to try to tie-in a Disney theme every day.

On that note, thinking about “I do” and commitments, I thought I would look into Disney’s Fairy Tale Weddings.  After seeing the Cinderella coach going past our room, I wondered what goes into the planning of a wedding of this type, and more importantly, the cost.

This information is not easily found on the Disney Wedding web-site.  I had to enter some information and pretend that I was planning a vow renewal to be able to download the brochure.  The weddings are divided into three categories; Escape Collection, Wishes Collection and Couture Collection.  Looking at the descriptions of each, I would categorize them as expensive, more expensive and outrageously expensive.  Given that the there are no prices in the brochure, I would make the assumption that if you have to ask how much it costs, you probably cannot afford it.

A description of the Escape collection gives the impression of a small intimate ceremony; a two tiered wedding cake, and a two bottles of champagne serving 12, along with some photography, musical accompaniment, a few pictures and a limousine ride.  Did not see anything about a carriage in that scenario.  I did look into this a few years ago with thoughts of a Disney Vow Renewal at Boardwalk Villas.  Price tag:  $4,000.  I love, Mr. T, and would like nothing better than to renew our vows in our favorite vacation spot, but that price was too steep for me.

So you can imagine that the price goes up from there to the all-inclusive, no holds barred, Couture Collection.  In the interest of time, I just quickly perused the web details, but noticed such items as;  draping the ballroom, wedding team, designer gown, crystal and flower petals, custom food and beverage, custom table linens.  Finding the pricing tab, I see that the Couture collection STARTS from $65,000!  Now I ask you, doesn’t this seem crazy for ONE day?  Most of the people I know would prefer to have that money for a down payment on a house.

So, to my daughters, you MAY be able to have a an Escape Collection wedding, but only if you pay for half.  For Mr. T and I, we may walk over to Sea Breeze Point at the Boardwalk and look longingly into each other’s eye and profess our love and commitment to one another and that will be our “free” vow renewal.  Price of the vacation is not included.

What do you think about the outrageous cost of a wedding?  How much is too much?


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4 responses to “I Do

  1. Carol Puglia

    I’ve always told my kids that you can have a great wedding in your own back yard. All your close relatives can chip in for food but you must supply the drinks. The cost would not exceed $1000.

    Everyone would have a great time, no one would have to dress up and make all the kids clean up afterward. What else could you ask for??

  2. wdwalone

    Hi, I “met” you over on the Disboards during the 2012 Moms Panel process. I made it to round 2 for runDisney.

    The great thing about blogs – you can change your mind and write about whatever you want. It can be tough (even for a Disney fanatic) to find something every day. Those that follow you will follow you if you blog every day or once a month. Quality over quantity and all that :).

    Good luck with the blog and I’ll be following.

    • wdwalone-Thanks for following. Always grateful for my followers and I will try not to disappoint. Here’s wishing us both lots of pixie dust for the 2013 Mom’s Panel.

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