Learning something new every day

I snapped this picture at the Odyssey Center at Epcot  not knowing what it was, but figured that I would research it when I got back home.

Survey Marker

Starting back at the beginning of our trip, I set a goal to try to discover new things that I had never noticed before.  I took lots of pictures for future blogs; this survey marker being one of them.  My research on the web uncovered lots of sites dedicated to the documenting and photographing of these markers.  I have been going to the parks since 1982, and was never aware of these at all.

Patti Winter wrote an article for The American Surveyor magazine, titled “Mapping the World-How 47 Square Miles of Florida Swamp Became a World Famous Vacation Destination.”  Here is a link to the article http://www.amerisurv.com/content/view/4387/153/.

The first part of the article describes the lay of the land when Disney first purchased the Florida property in 1964; mostly swampland and snakes.  Apparently due to the swampland, building the footings for the monorail was no easy task using the existing surveying equipment in the 1960’s.  The Cinderella Castle has surveying significance as it was used as a triangulation station for many years.

Additionally, the article provides a brief history of these Disney Survey Disks.  Bernsten Cast Products was the creator of these disks, first used in Saudi Arabia in the 1970’s,  The disks used in Saudi Arabia were customized with Arabic text and the country’s coat of arms.  Bernsten was on to something with this disk customization and developed a prototype based on a Walt Disney World bumper sticker and sold them to Disney.

Lots of other information and facts in this article.  I encourage you to read it if you want to learn something about Walt Disney World that you never knew before.  The disks can be found at all the theme parks and resorts as well as Typhoon Lagoon.  For a complete listing of the marker locations, please visit: http://www.wintertime.com/OH/GC/Disney/disneymarks.html.

And there you go; you learned something new today.


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2 responses to “Learning something new every day

  1. wdwalone

    I found those markers interesting too. I heard about them on a podcast and thought that they are very cool.

  2. I was amazed that this was my very first encounter with these.

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