Under the weather…


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Woke up Sunday morning feeling absolutely awful.  Don’t know what bit me, but fever and stomach flu.  Yuck!  The only thing I am thankful for is that the bug did not hit me while on vacation, which would have been VERY unfortunate.

I can only remember one time being sick on vacation, and it was seasickness on a Disney Cruise.  We were in some very heavy hurricane weather which was about 500 miles away from us.  The seas were so rough, the pool water was sloshing side to side.  I decided to go to the front of the ship into the spa and soak up some steam and eucalyptus.  BIG mistake!  I immediately turned green and headed for the stateroom, where I rode out 2 of the 7 days of my cruise.  Mr. T spent those days with the drinks of the day and reading his books on the deck chairs.  I think he missed me, but I’m not sure.

Anyone have any vacation sickness stories they would like to share?


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4 responses to “Under the weather…

  1. Hey, thanks for the pingback! Fortunately, I have never been seasick on a cruise even though I am prone to it. I can’t recall ever having a trip interrupted by any kind of sickness; however, I have comeback from trips from Jamaica and Mexico with traveler’s stomach that took a bit to get over. I am trying to find some ways to prevent that. I have heard Pepto-Bismol is a good remedy so I may try that next time. Hope you are feeling better soon.

    • Suffering from occasional vertigo, I am very prone to seasickness. I take Bonine in the evenings and that seems to help, although with the swelling seas of that trip, I don’t think anything would have helped. I just read an article that states candied ginger is good for nausea. Just eat a piece and you should feel better. Worth a try, I think.

  2. wdwalone

    Sorry you’re not feeling well.

    I have been sick a few times at WDW – the stomach flu is the worst. Nothing like being trapped in the resort room while everyone else can go out and play…

    • I knew what it was like to be trapped in my cabin, so knowing that everyone else was having fun in the parks while I was back at the resort, would definitely be awful.

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