Who wants to be a Cast Member?

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I thought I would change my blog design.  The other one was cute, but not sure if it was “me”.  Any comments about the new design are encouraged.

Today’s thought:  A while ago, I subscribed to the Disney employment site to be notified of openings so that I could keep my daughter updated.  She was a cast member in the College Program and absolutely loved it.  Today, I received an e-mail indicating that Disney was hiring for the holidays:

Tis’ the season to make your dreams come true by applying for a role at the
Walt Disney World® Resort! Individuals hired by December 31, 2011 can participate in our 2011 Family Holiday Celebration and enjoy complimentary Theme Park admission, Resort Hotel discounts, merchandise discounts and more!*

Opportunities Currently Available:

  • Merchandise
  • Housekeeping
  • Custodial
  • Culinary
  • Bus Drivers
  • Quick Service Food & Beverage
  • Steward
  • Character Look-alike Performers

I would quit my job today to work at Disney World.  First of all, it’s in sunny Florida, and not the cold Midwest.  Second, it would be WAY more exciting than the job I have today in Information Technology.  Only one drawback, though–MONEY.  I’m pretty sure I would have to take a drastic cut in pay.  If money were no object, though, I would like nothing better than to pack up everything, move to Florida,  and work at the “Happiest Place on Earth”.  I say that, never having worked there, but I wonder if I would tire of Disney World.  Would it ever become a “job”, or would it be my passion?  My daughter did not tire of it.  She loved every second of it.  Being a Cast Member was what she always wanted to do, and I think she was never happier during her 18 month tenure.  A co-worker of mine says she would happily trade the stress of our current daily grind and pick up a broom and dust pan and walk around Disney World picking up after the public.  Certainly a whole lot less aggravation.  I would hope that it would not be a case of the grass always being greener…Yet, to watch the (mostly) happy families and children enjoying themselves at the Magic Kingdom, would be pure joy.  I think I could do it.  So, I just have to keep subscribing to these e-mails for about another 10 years until I retire,  and then I’ll be a Cast Member when I grow up.  Mr. T is coming with me.  He’s going to drive the trains.

What about you?


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6 responses to “Who wants to be a Cast Member?

  1. I have told my boss several times that he will be sorry when I leave to be a jungle cruise skipper!

  2. wdwalone

    Love the new design – clean and easy to read!

    I am obsessed with working at Disney in any capacity. Currently, I would like nothing more than to work with runDisney – I love running and I think it would be amazing to help organize runDisney events! That being said, I have always wanted to be a fur character, but I don’t meet many criteria to be able to acheive that one. I wouldn’t mind being a ride operator either – preferably at the Haunted Mansion, Pirates or Tower of Terror.

    I also work in IT and there are so many times that I’d like to give it up and move to Florida to work for Disney in some way. Unfortunately, it doesn’t pay as well as IT :)!

  3. That’s it! A WDW Ambassador. My dream job at Disney!

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