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The blog is titled “disneytripandstuff” and today will be about stuff.  I think I’ll name it “Saturday” stuff.  Gives me a little leeway on the topic.

Mr. T’s childhood friend and his lovely wife will be visiting us this week-end.  What is so amazing about their friendship is that it has lasted over 40 years.  They grew up in the same Chicago suburb, and here we are, all these years later, living fairly near to each other in Missouri.

We got married about the same time, but then our paths took separate ways.  They moved to Washington state and raised a family.  We moved to New York, and then later to Missouri, and raised our family.  During those 30 years or so, we stayed in touch via the yearly Christmas card, and when e-mail came on the scene (yes, I am old enough that there was a time before e-mail) regular touch-base e-mails were exchanged.  When it came time for them to retire, they chose Missouri to be closer to family, and luckily for us, closer to Mr. T and I.

Getting together with them after all those years apart, was like no time had passed at all.  We just took up right where we left off and it feels like we are twenty-somethings again.  This is the beauty of true friendship.  No matter where life takes you, or how far apart you may be, there is always a special connection that cannot be broken.  I wish for everyone to have a friendship like this in their life.

Tell me about your best friend and what makes your friendship so special.

P.S.  Taking a hiatus on Sunday, but will be back again on Monday.


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3 responses to “And stuff…

  1. wdwalone

    Wow – that is so cool!

  2. George Savas

    So glad as always to count you and Mr. T as our closest friends, in fact you two are part of the family we moved here to be part of. Mr. And Mrs. S

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