I’m envious..

Samantha Brown

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I want to be Samantha Brown!  Today’s e-mail from Disney Vacation Club was an invitation to a web-cast:


Join TV travel guru Samantha Brown on location as she takes
you on an all-access tour of Aulani, a Disney Resort & Spa,
Ko Olina, Hawai’i. In this special show you’ll get to see all the
unexpected wonders of Aulani. Get a firsthand look as
Samantha checks out all the activities, architecture, dining,
and entertainment and meets with the Resort Cast Members.
Tune in and discover that there is something for everyone!

How did she get the travel guru gig?  This has to be the most awesome job, ever.  I know she’s done several Disney tours including the Disney Cruise Line, and now, here she is at Aulani.  Her bio states her occupation as ” introducing viewers to vacation destinations and hotels, as well as showcasing restaurants and activities at those locations.”.  She travels 230 days a year and takes 8 days to film an hour-long episode.  Let’s see, you’re at Aulani in Hawaii, and you’re stuck there for 8 whole days while you film an episode.  Gosh, I hate that!

I have to assume that she does not pay for any of these trips.  They’re either paid by her employer, Travel Channel, or comped by the destination.  In addition, she gets the free reign of the resort, samples the top activities, and eats at the finest restaurants.  And here’s why I hate her- She 5’3″ and 115 pounds.  How can you eat all that food, and stay skinny?

Wikipedia states that “Ms. Brown is known for her perky disposition.”  I could be perky if I was traveling around the world, staying at 5 star hotels and eating in fabulous restaurants.  In fact, nothing would make me perkier.   She’s only 42 years old, so she’s not going to retire any time soon.  I would like to see her, though, when she’s 65 and hosting “Fabulous Bus Trips for Seniors”.


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6 responses to “I’m envious..

  1. I love her, she looks like she would be a great travel companion. Better than Stacey!

  2. wdwalone

    I love Samantha Brown – she’s awesome. Travel Channel had a show all about her on an anniversary of some sort and she is humble and down to earth. She’s certainly great at her job and yeah, it’s a great gig – I wouldn’t mind trying it out for size ;)!

    • I certainly agree that you can tell that she really enjoys her job. As one poster said “she would be a great travel companion”. I think she is someone that you could have fun with.

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