Disney for Adults

The Las Vegas Sign.

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I’m not talking about having a grown-up time at Disney World, I’m referring to the “other” Disney for adults…Las Vegas!  Some of my family is there today and boy do I wish I could be there, too.  Hope they’re having a great time and winning big money.

When I compare the two destinations, they are more similar than you think; lots of fabulous hotels, restaurants and bright lights.  You are also transported into a fantasy world at each location.  Disney World is a fairy-tale fantasy and Las Vegas is a “get rich” fantasy.  With just one hit of the reels, all of your dreams can come true.  Both places have you throwing money around like you were printing it.  The only difference is that in Disney World you are getting “something” for your money, but in Vegas, you’re really just throwing it away.

I love both destinations equally, although, Vegas may edge out Disney due to better shopping and people watching.  Lots of characters in Vegas, and not the kind in furry costumes.

The “family” theme was big in Vegas for a while and was not one of my favorite times to be there.  Too many strollers, and little kids, not to mention that god-awful theme park at MGM.  Thank goodness Vegas went back to its roots as “Sin City”; so much more fun.

I was in Vegas in May and in Disney World in October, so I’m set for a few months before I’m ready for my next fix.

Do you visit both destinations?  Which one do you like best?


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6 responses to “Disney for Adults

  1. I’m with you; Vegas is definitely an adults playground. I have been there when they were trying their family-friendly deal, and I like it much better as a place for adults. I’ve been to Vegas a few times. Not much of a gambler, but there is a lot to do and see there and I love it!

  2. I used to gamble more; small time slots, but now I find myself spending more time enjoying the shopping, shows and food. At least when I spend money on those things, I’m getting something in return. Gambling, sometimes, just SUCKS when you’re on a losing streak.

  3. I’m heading to Vegas this weekend, but the staples of gambling, drinking, and “Sin” are not on my list. There is a “Winter in Venice” event taking place at the Venetian and with snow, the lighting of the tree, and skating, I though it would bring me back home to eastern Canada even if it is only in my imagination.


  4. wdwalone

    I can only take a short amount of time in Vegas before I just can’t take it any more – while smoking has decreased the smoke in the casinos makes me pretty ill pretty fast. I do love the shows and some great restaurants, but I do find it much more expensive now than it used to be.

    For me, it’ll be a Disney park first, Vegas second!

    • The smoke is pretty bad. I have to make sure my eye-drops are with me because by the end of the night my eyes are BURNING! It would be nice if smoking was banned in Vegas, but I don’t see that ever happening.

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