Black Friday

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I do not participate in the craziness of this day. For the life of me I don’t know why people get up and the crack of dawn and fight the crowds, all for the sake of getting a bargain. For some families, I know it is a tradition, but I see no fun in it whatsoever. The only thing that could possibly redeem this horrific shopping experience is a good lunch afterwards. Other than that, count me out!

For those of you that are sitting at home like me, watching QVC, or doing some on-line shopping, I want to point you in the direction of a website that I was just introduced to:  This is more that just your Disney Store.  This is high-end stuff!  Very high-end.  If your tastes lead you to consider purchasing a Walt Disney Signature Dream Belt and Buckle by Justice Bodan for $209.00, then this is the place for you.

Disney Belt

I perused the necklaces, and those were not too pricey, ranging from $80 to $345.  The site also features Home Furnishing such as chairs, lighting, pillows and tables.  Not really my taste, but you might like them.

To really knock your socks off, visit the Wall Art collection.  Starting at $59.99 and rising upwards to five large, you can own a piece of Disney artwork.

Walt Disney Signature Small World Wall Art

For those “hard to buy for” on your list, this site is worth a look, especially if they are Disney fans.  Just bring lots of cash, or your high limit credit card.


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4 responses to “Black Friday

  1. wdwalone

    I’m with you – I have not left the house today and it’s been wonderful. I did do some shopping online, but only for things that I needed to buy any way :)!

  2. The only shopping I did today was for groceries, and there was no one in the store. Quite pleasant, actually.

  3. I’ve sworn off shopping this holiday season… not for me. 😉

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