Gosh, I hate getting writer’s block.  I’m sitting in my office trying to get inspired by something to blog about, and then my eye is drawn to my new (empty) Disney Photo scrapbook.  So, do I write about how cute it is, or how long it takes me to scrapbook photos and mementos from each of my trips?

To give you an idea on my procrastination, I have a box in the basement with stuff from our cruise that we took in 2008, yet to be entered into a scrapbook.  I tell Mr. T, that you cannot rush creativity, but really, it’s just lack of time.  8 hours of work, 8 hours of sleeping, plus other stuff to be done during the day, and scrap-booking takes its place at the back of the line.

The thing is, I LOVE to scrapbook.  I can get lost for hours in all the papers, stickers, embellishments, and chip board letters, but it’s just a matter of deciding what comes first, laundry or scrap-booking.  I can almost do 2 of them at once, since my workshop is in the basement, and so is the laundry, and I don’t know why I don’t.

I typically go into a scrap-booking flurry this time of year with various projects slated as Christmas gifts, but I have not planned any photo gifts this year.  The only thing I am currently passionate about is the cards that I make every week to send to my sister.  My sister, who is fighting cancer, lives 350 miles from me, and the cards are the thing that I use every week to let her know that I’m thinking about her and to send her a weekly hug, since I can’t be there to do it in person.

So, how prompt are you about either scrap-booking your pictures or getting them into a photo-album?


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5 responses to “Creativity

  1. wdwalone

    I never scrapbook – always wanted to, but just never find the time…so, I use my blog as my scrapbook :)!

    I hope your sister is doing okay and I’m sure she appreciates your weekly hugs!

  2. Great idea about your blog as a scrapbook. They both take an equal amount of time, but no cutting or clue required on the blog.

  3. i love the idea of scrap-booking but I don’t get to it… It looks like you did get a post our after all. 🙂

  4. TY for your patience as I have been adjusting to a new schedule … Glad to be back commenting again.

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