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Surprise, Surprise (TV series)

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So, I am borrowing from this Sunday’s NY Times from their article “Watching People Watching People Watching”, about reaction videos and watching other people react to them.  Kind of confusing, but this had me thinking about the videos that families make when they surprise their loved ones with a trip to Disney World.

Disney highlighted some of them on their commercials of late and You Tube has lots of these videos.  I love to watch them, and they make me a bit teary-eyed, even if I don’t know the family.  Just the idea of getting that reaction of joy and excitement from your loved ones is so overwhelming.

Mr. T and I were trying to remember if we ever surprised our daughters like that, and I think maybe one time we did.  The details are vague but we probably woke them up one morning and said “get dressed. we’re hopping a plane for Disney World today”.  Since Mr. T worked for the airlines, it was easy for us to do that on a whim.  I wish we would have video taped it because that would be a cherished moment for sure.

I must have looked through a dozen or so videos, but thought I would highlight this one because the girls are so giddy. The teen-age boy is another story, however.  Disney Surprise

Did you ever plan a surprise Disney trip?


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4 responses to “Watching People

  1. wdwalone

    Sadly, I’ve never been in a position to surprise someone with a Disney trip.

  2. As much as I dislike surprises, I think those Disney surprise videos are heartwarming… The person or family always looks grateful and happy. I love it. 🙂

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