When our girls had grown up, we made the decision to save quite a few of their toys and stuffed animals.  The other day, it finally came time to dust them off and bring them out for my grandson.

The little guy really loved the bean-bag Pooh, Tigger, Rabbit, Owl and Eeyore, and that’s because I read a Pooh Golden Book to him when he sleeps over. (a remnant from my girls’ library)  I began to wonder at the generational appeal of Disney.

Pooh is not really Disney (A.A. Milne if we’re being picky), but Disney has perpetuated the Pooh stories and characters.  Same with the main characters of Mickey, Minnie, Donald, Daisy and Goofy.  My girls grew up with them, and now my grandson will, also.

I remember some of Mickey Mouse when I was growing up.  I do have a vague memory of my Dad having an 8mm movie of Steamboat Willie, (which was probably worth a lot of money, but no one knows what happened to it, and my Mom has since moved from that house).  I watched the Mickey Mouse Club with Annette Funicello and Bobby Burgess and Cubby, and when we got a color TV, I was glued to the set on Sunday nights to watch “The Wonderful World of Color” hosted by Walt Disney.  My favorite episodes were those that were filmed in Disneyland and I remember always wishing that I could go there.

The enduring message of the characters and Disney is one of good-versus-evil and the childlike innocence in all of us, which is why there is such a generational appeal.  My grandson recognizes Mickey and Minnie Mouse and the other characters, and that makes me smile.  I wish for him the joy that I have experienced with all things Disney, and hope that I am alive long enough to see him pass it on to his children.


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4 responses to “Generations

  1. wdwalone

    It is amazing how Disney transcends the ages!

  2. It’s a beautiful thing, no doubt.

  3. My kids grew up with all the Disney characters and we got the videos too… Still wonderful memories! 🙂

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