Dining with Mr. Disney

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One of my prized possessions, is a picture, given to me by my mother, which says ” If favors are allowed…May I dine with Mr. Disney and dance with Fred Astaire?”  The artist is D. Morgan and is signed, from 1988.  The picture hangs prominently in my bedroom, and reminds me of the possibilities of having these favors granted, metaphorically, of course.

I was recently reading about a man who probably dined quite a bit with Mr. Disney, Marty Sklar, the leader of Walt Disney Imagineering.   He is the only Cast Member to have been involved in every single Disney park opening.  He retired from Disney in 2009 and his memoirs will be published sometime next year.

In the Disney Files magazine, he recounts the very early days of Walt Disney World from standing on the 100 acre clearing where the Magic Kingdom was going to be built to the opening of the park on October 1, 1971 to a crowd of 10,422.  McCoy Field, now known as MCO, Orlando airport, had only seven flights per day in 1967.  In 2010, daily flights numbered 878. Lots of other interesting facts and figures that us Disneyphiles will find interesting.

But, back to dinner plans.  Since I can’t dine with Mr. Disney, Marty Sklar would be the next best thing. Imagine all the stories that he could tell!  Mr. Sklar, I’m free whenever you are.  Just tell me when.


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6 responses to “Dining with Mr. Disney

  1. That would be a very cool meeting! Ever go on one of those ‘Lunch with an imagineer’ tours? They sound really fun….

    • There are so many things on my “to do” list for Disney World, and this is one of them. I have read some reviews of others that have attended and it looks to be a very interesting time.

  2. wdwalone

    That would be a great dinner for sure – Marty Sklar is always great to listen to and I’m sure he would be an entertaining and informative dinner partner.

  3. I love that photo… must have quite swanky dining back in the day. 😉

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