Not Marty Sklar

I hope to post enough about Mr. Sklar so that his PR people will contact me and magically invite me to dine with him.  A girl can dream, can’t she?

Thanks to prttynpink who suggested the next best thing would be the Walt Disney World experience of “Dining with an Imagineer”.

From the Walt Disney World website:

Dine with an Imagineer at Walt Disney World Resort! During this one-of-a-kind experience, meet up with a Disney Imagineer for a delectable, 4-course meal at one of two Disney restaurants:

Up to 10 diners can delight in a fascinating discussion with one of the innovative artists who bring the magic to Walt Disney World Resort. To commemorate this special occasion, you’ll receive a souvenir plate that can be personalized by the Imagineer!

*Price: $60.99 Guests 10 and older (6.5% tax and 18% gratuity will automatically be added to the check).

First of all, a very reasonable price for the dinner AND the experience.  An intimate group of 10 would allow for adequate conversation with the Imagineer, without everyone trying to talk over one another.  Both of these restaurants are reasonably quiet so that you could hear what was being said.

I’m adding this to my Walt Disney World bucket list.  Feedback appreciated from anyone who has participated in this venture.  Hoping that you felt it was informative and worth your time.


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2 responses to “Not Marty Sklar

  1. wdwalone

    Yep, that’s another one that’s on my bucket list too.

  2. I can’t imagine it being anything but memorable! I’d do it in a heart beat if it was local to me. Go and enjoy! 🙂

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