Flower Power

I was just reading in my Mousesavers newsletter about the upcoming Epcot Flower & Garden Show to be held March 7th through May 20th.  This is my second favorite time of year to visit Epcot.  The Disney gardeners are on steroids, and the park is never more beautiful than during this spring event.

Also returning, is the “Flower Power” concert series, and I see that they have a better line-up than the one that was on tap for the Food & Wine Festival. (Hanson, really?)  Returning for the pleasure of all of us boomers are:  Chubby Checker, Davy Jones and Paul Revere and the Raiders.

PBS recently aired a tribute to the music of the 60’s, complete with the above musicians, and many of the Motown artists.  It was a great show and brought back lots of memories from my tweens and teens. (96 Tears, Red Rubber Ball and others).  What struck me though was all of the OLD people in the audience!  They seemed too old to be rocking out to some of MY favorite songs.  But wait a minute, those people are MY age!  How did that happen?  When did growing up in the 60’s and 70’s turn into old and why can’t those people dance?

When I think about my age, I don’t think of “old”.  Mature, wise, prime of my life, best years, come to mind first. But old, never. I’m sticking with that.  When I start thinking “old” it will probably be when I’m 90. (God willing).  And even at that age, I hope I’m still going to Disney World and listening to Davy Jones and maybe dancing a little crazily.


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7 responses to “Flower Power

  1. Ok, I have waiting for someone to mention Hanson in conversation so that i can share that we saw them at Eat to the Beat on Halloween and they were dressed as Storm Troopers! We had to stop and watch for that alone. But! Thats not all- they played the day afterward too and they had groupies in handmade Hanson shirts sitting in the line waiting for the front row at 11am!!! Seriously! I do love the concert series- Peter Noone was one of my favs- he was so fun!

  2. wdwalone

    I’ve only visited briefly during the Flowe and Garden Festival, but it was pretty amazing. Loved the topiaries!!!

  3. It’s amazing how time flies…! 😉

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