Holiday Services

I’m sitting at my window watching the sleet come down.  Today seems more like winter than Christmas Day did.  Also eating Ghiradelli chocolate peppermint candy and feeling like I want to keep the holiday spirit going for just a few more days.

Did you know that there is a department in Disney titled “Holiday Services”?  I was just reading about this fascinating group of people and have added this job to my future dream job at Walt Disney World.

From the “Disney Files Magazine”-Charged with transforming the Central Florida property into a winter wonderland each holiday season, this dedicated team of Cast Members works throughout the year to create, collect, repair, replace, sort, store, distribute and ultimately install a mind bending array of decorations before uninstalling their masterpieces and starting the process anew.  

All of the holiday decorations are stored in a 54,000 square foot warehouse.  A computerized system tracks every decoration so that they are all returned to their rightful place in the warehouse once the holiday is over.  Each piece is inspected for wear and tear (the Florida sun can be damaging to some of the items) and the decorating -replacement cycle is about 5 years.  The entire process of refurbishing and replacing lasts from January through October, and then the holiday decorating starts again.  

Here is the part that I like- …searching far and wide for unique items to complement a design concept or sitting down with Walt Disney Imagineers to create pieces you won’t find anywhere else.  

I’d like to think I’m creative and dreaming up holiday decorations with Imagineering would be so much fun!  I don’t really get into decorating my house during the holidays; just a few items here and there, but decorating the parks for the thousands of guests that come to see the holiday magic, would be a labor of love.

Since we’re talking about dream jobs, if you could decorate one space at any of the Disney parks or resorts for the Christmas holidays, which one would it be?


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4 responses to “Holiday Services

  1. wdwalone

    That is a tough question…I think I want to decorate The Great Movie Ride – that would include new props for all the scenes and maybe new dialog for some of the movies. How funny would it be to have a santa hat on the alien scene – okay, that’s just silly, but you get the idea I’m sure :)!

  2. Brian K

    I think A “Rudolph” nose on the Yeti in Animal Kingdom would be a nice touch……

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