Sand and Sun

After our first snowfall yesterday, the thoughts are already turning to warmer weather (and I don’t mean the 60 degree  weather we’re expecting on Saturday).  I’m talking about spending time on Disney Cruise Line’s private island, Castaway Cay.

From the Disney Cruise Line website:

Among the clear turquoise waters, white sand beaches and swaying palm tree, discover the following new Castaway Cay Enhancementsand additional island amenities:

What’s New

  • 20 premium 325-square-foot private, furnished cabanas in 2 locations: Castaway Family Beach (for families) and Serenity Bay Beach (for adults)
  • An extension of more than 700 feet to the all-ages Castaway Family Beach
  • 2 Water Play Areas: Pelican Plunge and Spring-a-Leak
  • 3 additional private, ocean-view massage cabanas at the adults-only Serenity Bay Beach
  • The Hide Out, a teens-only activity area on the beach
Castaway Cay is the highlight of every Disney Cruise.  Never been crazy about Nassau so we don’t even get off the boat there, but Castaway Cay, that is pure pleasure.  The kids don’t usually come with us on cruises, so we make a beeline to Serenity Bay, grabbing 2 conch coolers on the way to our hammock and chairs overlooking the ocean.  
Our favorite excursion was the wave runners.  You hop on one of those babies and go way out past the ship.  The guide stops on a sand bar where you can get off the machine and stand in the middle of the ocean.  That was pretty awesome and I would love to do it again.
What is your favorite thing to do on a cruise?


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5 responses to “Sand and Sun

  1. wdwalone

    Sadly, I’ve never been on a cruise :(. Castaway Cay sounds like a heavenly place to relax!

    • There is no time like the present. We use our DVC points to cruise, although some say it’s not a wise use of points, but I like the idea of no cash out of pocket for the trip. The Disney Cruise is fabulous and once you go, you’ll want to keep going back.

  2. Ianus Christius

    …mmmm, the Sun and the beach. I wish it were summer, not this gloomy winter…brrrr…

    greets from cold Croatia…


    I love castaway. We were there our first time in 2011, now we are booked to go back in 2013. I have been all over the world. My favourite beaches are in Croatia (Makarska and Vodice especially) Pozdrav to Ianus Christius from Croatia who posted above and Castaway compared well to those, maybe even better (the only thing Croatia had that Castaway did not is the Adriatic has a strong saltwater smell along its coast line that is exhilirating to the senses). Everyone should experience this Disney luxury.

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