DVC Love

If you are a DVC member, you have a favorite resort; preferably your home resort.  There are groupies of the different properties and they don’t like anyone talking smack about their favorite.  I think there is something special about every resort, but of course my favorite is Boardwalk Villas.

Here is what I like about the other DVC resorts-

Beach Club Villas-not one of my favorites since I had a bad experience there, but the location is good with proximity to Epcot and Hollywood Studios, plus you have access to Stormalong Bay.  That would be reason in itself to stay here.

Beach Club Villas

Saratoga Springs-probably my least favorite resort since it’s only close to Downtown Disney.  Not a fan of the open hallways and their food court is kind of oddly laid out.  The plus about this resort is that it is so big and almost always has availability.

Saratoga Springs

Wilderness Lodge- I have only stayed here one time, so I don’t feel very qualified to judge, but the location is nice and somewhat rustic.  Feels like staying at a cabin in the woods.  If that sort of thing is for you, then Wilderness Lodge is the place.  Good restaurants on property, Artist’s Pointe being the stand-out.  Water transportation is convenient to the Magic Kingdom, but busses to the other parks.

Wilderness Lodge

Bay Lake Towers-there was a lot of controversy about this resort and the strange lay-out of the studios which had the bathroom sink in the kitchenette area.  This has since been re-designed due to member outcry.  This resort has become my second favorite.  The 1 BR was like staying in a modern apartment.  Two full bathrooms make this a winner plus the views of Magic Kingdom or Bay Lake are to die for.  Accessible via walk-way or monorail to Magic Kingdom, but, again, busses to the other parks.  The Top of the World Lounge for DVC members is also quite nice and a great place for cocktails.  You have to be staying at the hotel, however, to access the lounge.  I hope they change that rule soon.

Bay Lake Towers

Boardwalk Villas-I fell in love the first time I toured this resort, and then asked “where do I sign”?  First, being able to walk to two of my favorite parks is priceless.  The ambience on the Boardwalk is probably the reason we stay there almost all the time.  Sitting on the bench and watching people or watching the performers in the evening is our favorite pastime. Having a room with a Boardwalk view cannot be beat.  We just feel so much “at home” at the resort and probably why we stay there again and again.

Boardwalk Villas

Do you have a favorite resort and why?


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4 responses to “DVC Love

  1. wdwalone

    I have to go with BLT. It is my home resort, but I really like it for the location and view options. I’ve always loved the Contemporary so this was an easy choice for me.

    I’ll be trying out Kidani Village next month and I’m excited to see how I like it since I love Animal Kingdom Lodge too :)!

    • I totally forgot about Animal Kingdom Lodge, but do not feel qualified to offer an opinion since we have never stayed there. Frankly, the location does not appeal to me at all, so not sure if I would ever stay there. Would love to hear your feedback from your stay there next month.

  2. They all look like places I’d love to visit. 😉

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