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Is it me or does anyone else find this stuff creepy?  I used to collect the ceramic characters because I thought they were cute; little glass miniatures of your favorite Disney characters.  I don’t see those much in the parks anymore, but there sure is a lot of the vinylmation stuff.

Yikes! Scary!

What’s weird about these thing is that they are in the shape of Mickey Mouse.  I’m sure I NEVER saw Mickey morph into any of these types of characters.

Cross Dresser Mickey?

King Tut Mickey?

And to top it all off, these things are not cheap.  The ones I saw on the Disney Store website were $45 to $55.    I know why the ceramic figurines are not around anymore; no profit in them.  I used to spend $10-$15 a piece for them, so there you go.

I apologize to the Vinylmation collectors out there, but if you can convince me of the allure of these things, I might take a different viewpoint.


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