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Should I Stay or Should I Go?

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Earlier this week I wrote about World of Motion and discovered a few (OK, 2) fans of the old ride.  My daughter suggested that Disney should bring back more old Disney attractions similar to what they did with Captain EO.  I think this is a great idea but be careful what you wish for.

Go– don’t bring back “Tapestry of Nations”.  From the lost Epcot website: http://www.lostepcot.com/worldshowcase.html

The Tapestry of Nations parade was Epcot’s first parade. It featured large puppets but lacked the Disney characters. The parade remained after the celebration and was rejuvenated for the 100 Years of Magic celebration in 2002, and it was renamed Tapestry of Dreams. When the 100 Years of Magic ended, Tapestry of Nations/Dreams finally came to a halt. 

All I have to do is just even hear the hint of the opening strains of this music and I want to scream– heyo, awayo wayo… blah blah blah.  I really did not like this parade at all.  The puppets were freaky and the music was just plain annoying.

Photo courtesy of Lost Epcot

Stay, kind of-“Illuminations”-has been the night-time show at Epcot since 1988, and not that it’s gone, but gosh, it really needs to be changed.  If you have never seen it, it is spectacular, but after a few visits, it gets stale.  I don’t really even watch it anymore.   I just park myself on a bench, wait for it to be over and watch the crowds file out of the park.  Not being a pyrotechnics expert, I don’t have any suggestions, but any change would be welcome.

What do you wish Disney would bring back to the parks?


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