You can be a star!

The American Idol Experience

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Ever wondered what it’s like to audition for American Idol?    All you have to do is visit Walt Disney World and walk to the American Idol theater and sing your heart out.   From the Walt Disney World website:

The American Idol Experience at Disney’s Hollywood Studios Theme Park offers you the chance to watch, perform and vote for favorite singers.

Watch: The excitement unfolds before your eyes. This exhilarating attraction features all the glitz and glamour of the hit television series’ stunning set, and gives you an opportunity to experience the thrill as if really at the show.

Vote: Decide who has what it takes. Determine the destiny of the singers onstage by voting as a member of the attraction audience on your interactive keypad at your seat. See how far your favorite singer can go!

Perform: The challenge of auditioning. The rush of being onstage. A star could be born— who just might be you! The American Idol Experience provides select Guests with an opportunity to audition and sing onstage!

And if your audience votes you the best singer of the day at The American Idol Experience finale show, you will receive a Dream Ticket (see eligibility restrictions below). If you are eligible to use the Dream Ticket, you will have an opportunity to make a reservation to sing in front of an American Idol* representative at an actual regional audition of the American Idol TV show, where it’s your moment to shine!

Several times a day, aspiring performers chosen for their talent, sing in front of a live audience (you, the guest).  Votes are tallied and if you win for your time-slot, you get to move to the final round.  The final round is made up of the winners chosen earlier.  The winner of the final round receives a “Dream Ticket” and gives the winner a chance to audition for the real American Idol.

If you happen to be older and always wished for your big break, this is not the venue for you.  Performers must meet the American Idol age requirements of between 15 and 28 years of age.    Don’t give up hope, you still have “America’s Got Talent.”

So, head over to the “American Idol Experience” and  flex your voting fingers for the best new talent.  When he or she becomes the next American Idol, you can say “I knew them when”.

My all time favorite contestant on American Idol;  Daughtry


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2 responses to “You can be a star!

  1. wdwalone

    You don’t have to meet the American Idol age guidelines to do the American Idol experience. The “Dream Ticket” is transferable under certain circumstances. This makes the experience available to more guests, even if they can’t audition for American Idol later. There’s a ton of information in the FAQ document from the Walt Disney World website, which can be found at

    I had a friend audition in January and perform in one of the shows. The performer’s party can go in early to watch the rehearsal performance. It’s pretty interesting to see that side of the performances. Unfortunately, my friend was up against some stiff competition and didn’t move on, but it was still a lot of fun to watch him perform.

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