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Sick and Tired

Everyone expects to get tired on vacation, but no one expects to get sick.  I have experienced this first hand, back in the 80’s when my daughter was a baby.  It was just her and I staying off-property for a night when she came down with an ear infection.  What to do?  I called a cab and was driven to the nearest hospital which was in Sand Lake and spent several hours in an emergency room.  Not a fun way to start a vacation.  This was before the time of urgent care, so things are a lot better now.

For those annoying, but not too serious ailments, the resort gift shop will have some remedies for tummy troubles, headaches, colds and things of that nature.  If your malady will not be cured by any of these, there are several Urgent Care sites nearby that you can visit.  Centracare and Main Street Physicians will even make “house calls” to your resort.     Info courtesy of Brian Bennett at Mouse Planet:

Medical Facilities / Contacts



Phone Number

Buena Vista Walk-In Medical Walk-In Health Services, on SR 535 (407) 828–3434
Care Medical Wheelchairs for Rent (m-f:8:30-5, s,s:9-4)  (800) 741-2282


Walk-In Health Services, The Crossroads

(407) 239-7777


Walk-In Health Services, Disney Main Gate

(407) 397-7032


Walk-In Health Services, Kissimmee

(407) 390-1888


Walk-In Health Services, Lake Buena Vista

(407) 934-2273


“House Calls” (In-Room Health Services to On-Site WDW Resorts)

(407) 238-3000

Dental Emergency Dental Referral (407) 648–9234
Gooding’s Pharmacy (at the Crossroads) Prescriptions Filled for Your Pick-Up (407) 827–1207
Mediclinic Walk-In Health Services, on SR 192, Just East of I-4 (407) 396–1195

Main Street Physicians

“House Calls” (In-Room Health Services to On-Site WDW Resorts), Prescription referrals

(407) 239-1195,

(407) 396-1195

Sandlake Hospital

Full Service Hospital including Emergency Services

(407) 351-8550

Turner Drugs

Prescriptions filled and delivered to all WDW Resorts

(407) 828-8125

If you should require medical attention while at the parks, below is a listing of the locations of the First Aid Stations.  (from the Walt Disney World website:)

First aid stations are available in each Theme Park and Water Park at Walt Disney World Resort. Please immediately contact a Cast Member if you have an emergency.

Magic Kingdom Theme Park
The first aid station in Magic Kingdom theme park is located next to The Crystal Palace restaurant on Main Street, U.S.A.

Epcot Theme Park
The first aid station in Epcot theme park is at the Odyssey Center.

Disney’s Hollywood Studios Theme Park
The first aid station in Disney’s Hollywood Studios theme park is located near Guest Services on Hollywood Boulevard.

Disney’s Animal Kingdom Theme Park
The first aid station in Disney’s Animal Kingdom theme park is located behind Creature Comforts in Discovery Island.

Disney’s Typhoon Lagoon Water Park
The first aid station in Disney’s Typhoon Lagoon Water Park is located behind Leaning Palms.

Disney’s Blizzard Beach Water Park
The first aid station in Disney’s Blizzard Beach Water Park is between Lottawatta Lodge and Beach Haus.

Downtown Disney Area
There is no first aid station at Downtown Disney. Please immediately contact a Cast Member if you have an emergency.

I wish everyone a healthy vacation, but be prepared just in case.


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Vegan in Walt Disney World

I tried vegan once for about 2 weeks.  I was hoping to lose some weight, but it never happened.  I found myself eating way too many carbs, and therefore abandoned the vegan life.  I know it takes a lot of time and effort on the cooking front, but I was not willing to put the time in.  I have some family members that are vegan and I wondered what it would be like to eat vegan at Walt Disney World.

Doing my research, I can recommend the following sites:

Vegan Dining at Disney World-the author provides several good tips about being vegan; bringing snacks from home and calling the restaurants ahead of time to make meal arrangements.  A main course and dessert from Boma looked absolutely delicious.

The Disney Food Blog-some good Q&A plus information on how to contact the Special Diets line at Walt Disney World so that restaurants can prepare ahead of time.  A very nice service.

All the menus from all the restaurants at Walt Disney World.  Good place to scope out what’s available.

Popcorn and pretzels are vegan at Disney World, so that’s good to know, although I’m pretty sure the churros are not.  That would be a bummer for me, as well as all the desserts.  The writers above all acknowledge that there are lots of choices for snacks, especially fresh fruit and veggies.

So, it IS possible to eat vegan in Walt Disney World.  It just takes a little planning ahead.  Would anyone like to share their vegan experience?


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Do You Get It?

Walt Disney World Resort - Orlando, Florida

Walt Disney World Resort - Orlando, Florida (Photo credit: travelswithkim)

It’s March, and already the New Year’s resolutions have been cast aside.  Not by me, but from the attendance at my gym. I can tell that lots of people, energized by the New Year, have disappeared from my classes.  The most noticeable has been from spinning class, and talking with my remaining spinning mates, we have decided that when it comes to spinning, either you love it or you don’t.   I have a love/hate relationship with spinning;  it’s hard and sometime I hate it, but I love it when it’s done because I know that I have done my body good and burned a boat load of calories.

What does this have to do with Walt Disney World, you’re asking?  You either get it or you don’t.  What makes some people (like myself) want to spend every vacation at the same place and never tire of it?  It’s the “feeling”.  It can’t be described or explained, it just IS!  I love how I feel when I am surrounded by the magic.  Every inch of the park makes me feel something special by either bringing back a beloved memory, or the way I feel when I am doing something for the very first time.  I thought that I have done all there is to do at Disney World, but writing my blog has made me realize that there is so much more to experience. (Beer Tournament?  See below)  Each trip will now bring something new and exciting into my life, and keep me wanting more and more and more.

I’ll never grow up.  I’ll never stop going, and I hope to bring others along on this magical journey.  What keeps you coming back for more?


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Surf’s Up!

It’s always a good day when I learn something new about Walt Disney World.  This week, I found out that you can take surfing lessons at Typhoon Lagoon.  From the Walt Disney World website:

Surf Lessons at an additional cost are available for Guests age 8 and older atDisney’s Typhoon Lagoon Water Park.

Ever wanted to try surfing but found the ocean a bit intimidating? Now, Guests who are at least 8 years old can learn how to surf in a fun, safe, controlled environment. Hang 10 in the waters of Typhoon Lagoon!

Have the bay to yourself before the Water Park opens to master the fine art of shooting the curls created by the Disney’s Typhoon Lagoon enormous wave machine. Professional instructors and small classes at Craig Carroll’s Cocoa Beach Surf School can help anyone improve their form during a 2-hour session where there’s surf every 90 seconds.

The Learn to Surf program is offered on select days prior to Park Opening. The entire session is 2.5 hours. Times may vary by season and are subject to change. If you are over 18 years of age, call 407-WDW-SURF (407-939-7873). Have parent or guardian permission to call if you are under age 18.

Surf Lessons include:

  • 2 professional instructors per class
  • Maximum of 12 Guests per class
  • Soft sided surfboard for use during your lesson
  • 30 minutes of instruction on land
  • 2 hours of surf time in the water

Surf the controlled waters of the bay as perfect waves are formed every 90 seconds and ride like it’s an endless summer. The Surf Pool waves can be adjusted up to 6 feet in height. It’s totally tubular!

Note that surf lessons take place in the early morning before Disney’s Typhoon Lagoon Water Park opens and the lesson price includes use of the Surf Pool and facilities at Disney’s Typhoon Lagoon Water Park only during the lesson. You will need to purchase admission to the Water Park if you want to stay in the Park after the lesson.

Surfing looks so simple, but I know in reality, it’s hard.  The video I watched showed the surfers sitting on the board and then simply doing a push-up, and voila! they’re catching a wave.   The surfers in the video were also in their teens and twenties, which is why the push-up looked so easy.  I’m not good at push-ups, so I don’t think I’d be getting up on the board anytime soon.  But, if you’re feeling adventurous, and somewhat athletic, give it a try!  The waves are always perfect at Typhoon Lagoon.

Hang ten!


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Adrenaline Rush

The Rock 'n' Roller Coaster Starring Aerosmith...

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Just finished watching a Blu-Ray about  Walt Disney World.  One of the episodes took you through a tour of the thrill rides at all of the parks.  Through the magic of television, I was able to experience;  Mission Space, Rock-N-Roller Coaster, Tower of Terror, Space Mountain, Splash Mountain and Expedition Everest.  And that’s about as close as I will ever get to those rides.  My name is Leanne, and I’m a fraidy-cat.  Just watching those rides made me want to swoon.  I can’t imagine anyone thinking that stuff is fun, but again, I have never been an adrenaline junkie.

Another section of the video highlighted “un-discovered” Disney; beyond the theme parks.  Some of the tours I have done, but there are two that I think I would like to do;  Para-sailing at the Contemporary, and the Petty Driving Experience.  I think that I could probably handle the para-sailing since it looks like you’re just floating in the air and the views look fantastic.  As far as the Petty Driving Experience, I would not want to drive the car, but I think it would be fun to do the ride-along with an expert driver.  Doesn’t seem too scary.

Anyone faced their fears at the parks?  I’m not sure I ever will, especially the roller-coasters.


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57 Channels and nothing’s on

Oh Happy Days!  I just read in the “Disney Files” magazine that Disney is adding additional channels to its line-up at all Disney Resorts across the U.S.  It’s about time!  I thought I was the only one that complained about it, but apparently lots of members were unhappy with the TV availability.

There were 12 channels of  Walt Disney World programming.  How many times can you watch Stacy at the parks?  Then there were the ABC channels, a few Christian channels, and I think a Japanese and a Spanish language channel.  Not a lot of variety.

It felt a little bit like Las Vegas because, there the hotels want you out of your room, which is why there are no in-room coffee makers, but at least there was better TV to watch.  Mr T and I don’t spend a lot of time at the parks anymore.  A Disney vacation is for relaxing and sometimes we like to watch television, which was not always possible with the current channels.  “Disney Files” reports that they are adding:

A&E, AMC,Bravo,Cooking and Food Network, HGTV,TBS, TNT and your other basic cable fare.

Now I won’t have to miss any episodes of “Mad Men”!  Anyone else happy about the new TV lineup?


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