57 Channels and nothing’s on

Oh Happy Days!  I just read in the “Disney Files” magazine that Disney is adding additional channels to its line-up at all Disney Resorts across the U.S.  It’s about time!  I thought I was the only one that complained about it, but apparently lots of members were unhappy with the TV availability.

There were 12 channels of  Walt Disney World programming.  How many times can you watch Stacy at the parks?  Then there were the ABC channels, a few Christian channels, and I think a Japanese and a Spanish language channel.  Not a lot of variety.

It felt a little bit like Las Vegas because, there the hotels want you out of your room, which is why there are no in-room coffee makers, but at least there was better TV to watch.  Mr T and I don’t spend a lot of time at the parks anymore.  A Disney vacation is for relaxing and sometimes we like to watch television, which was not always possible with the current channels.  “Disney Files” reports that they are adding:

A&E, AMC,Bravo,Cooking and Food Network, HGTV,TBS, TNT and your other basic cable fare.

Now I won’t have to miss any episodes of “Mad Men”!  Anyone else happy about the new TV lineup?


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6 responses to “57 Channels and nothing’s on

  1. Oh huzzah! I know the point is to get you out of the room and into the park so the giamt white gloves can shake any additional cash loose, but come on! Prisoners get better cable fare! But say it withme, Leanne:
    “Waterslides out the wazooo!”

  2. wdwalone

    Thrilled. I usually watch quite a bit of TV during downtime and it will be fabulous to have more options!

  3. Always good to have choices… 🙂

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