Adrenaline Rush

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Just finished watching a Blu-Ray about  Walt Disney World.  One of the episodes took you through a tour of the thrill rides at all of the parks.  Through the magic of television, I was able to experience;  Mission Space, Rock-N-Roller Coaster, Tower of Terror, Space Mountain, Splash Mountain and Expedition Everest.  And that’s about as close as I will ever get to those rides.  My name is Leanne, and I’m a fraidy-cat.  Just watching those rides made me want to swoon.  I can’t imagine anyone thinking that stuff is fun, but again, I have never been an adrenaline junkie.

Another section of the video highlighted “un-discovered” Disney; beyond the theme parks.  Some of the tours I have done, but there are two that I think I would like to do;  Para-sailing at the Contemporary, and the Petty Driving Experience.  I think that I could probably handle the para-sailing since it looks like you’re just floating in the air and the views look fantastic.  As far as the Petty Driving Experience, I would not want to drive the car, but I think it would be fun to do the ride-along with an expert driver.  Doesn’t seem too scary.

Anyone faced their fears at the parks?  I’m not sure I ever will, especially the roller-coasters.


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6 responses to “Adrenaline Rush

  1. I was always afraid of Tower of Terror. But one day, on my birthday, I wanted to do something different. So I tried it. It’s one of my favorite rides now. I’m still not crazy about roller coasters, but my husband is. He always wants me to go on Rockin’ Roller Coaster with him.

  2. wdwalone

    I’ve done all those rides and continue to do them. I enjoy all of them, but when I was younger they scared me quite a bit.

    I have done parasailing three times and it is an amazing experience. It’s just you, the view and the wind. It’s very peaceful and quiet and on a clear day you can see so much. It’d be a good way to see the New Fantasyland before it opens :)! Beware though, if it’s just drizzling or misty they’ll still take you up and that can be a wet experience!

  3. Just think of the FUN you had when we were little and we made you ride Body Wars. LOL. I have ridden all the rides at Disney World except Tower Of Terror. I think dropping at a high rate of speed is what terrifies me about not wanting to ride that ride.

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