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Time Flies When You’re Planning a Disney Trip

I started this blog about 6 months ago when I was preparing for my Halloween trip, and here I am, just days away from the next one.  When I come back from this trip, I’ll be in the planning stages for my next trip in October.  Life is just one long preparation for trips to Disney World.  I wouldn’t have it any other way!

Look for trip reports, pictures, tidbits, information and anything else that I find interesting during my travels.  Hoping to have lots of magic to share.

Do you take joy in the journey or the destination?

Life Is A Journey

Life is a journey.
It is very short and
Each of us only gets to make this journey once.
Enjoy the journey!

Life is a journey.
Life’s journey is filled with choices.
Whatever choices we have made,
We should be responsible, calm and even brave
When facing the results brought by our own choices.

Life is a journey.
Now my life’s journey continues…
Enjoy the journey!

Leo Zhang


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Sweating the small stuff

Haiga- a picture drawn to accompany a haiku poem

I’m learning in my Creative Writing class that inspiration comes from all around us. John Brandi, the poet, spoke to our class about this and remarked that he is inspired by his travels and his surroundings at his home in the mountains of New Mexico. He has traveled extensively and wrote some beautiful haiku from his trips to Japan and Vietnam. Both Mr Brandi and my professor carry small notebooks with them to jot down ideas and inspirations.

Only being lucky enough to travel to Walt Disney World I do have an opportunity to travel around the world at Epcot.  On my next trip I will have the luxury of time to be able to take in all of the wonderful details that make Epcot so special. I hope to come back with wonderful tidbits for the blog as well as inspiration for the 10 pages of workshop writing that I need to do for class.

Where does your inspiration come from?


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What Not To Wear

People watching is the best attraction there is at Walt Disney World, especially the clothing that people choose to wear for a day at the parks.  While I have been known to shop and stress over what to wear on my vacation, it really boils down to the following:

  • Comfortable
  • Well-fitting
  • Quick drying (for those water rides)

My blogger friend over at “Pretty Grievances” captured some swell outfits from park goers on her last trip.  Main Street Style.  Of particular interest is the park visitor in the all white outfit accented with VPL and other things you should not be seeing.

The “Fashion Police” in me finds it hard to understand why some women find it so difficult to wear well-fitting clothes.  I’m not even talking expensive or designer, just something that plain old fits your body.  I have to think that these people don’t even have mirrors.  On my next trip I’m going to try to capture the good, the bad and the ugly of park couture.

I already know what I’m packing for the next trip; crop jeans, crop khakis (no shorts on these legs), solid color tee-shirts and comfortable walking shoes.  Very simple.  What are your basics that you need for a stroll in the parks?


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Happy Easter!

Just wanted to wish all my readers (at least 5 of you) a very Happy Easter.  Enjoy your day and Happy Spring!


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Must Do

Chicago Blackhawks captain Jonathan Toews duri...

Chicago Blackhawks captain Jonathan Toews during warm up prior to a National Hockey League playoff game against the Calgary Flames, in Calgary. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

As my countdown gets under 30 days for the next trip to Walt Disney World, I start obsessing on the planning aspect.  There are always so many things that I want to squeeze in and I know there won’t be time enough for them all.    Here is what is on my list for the next trip:

Chocolate/Peanut Butter Cupcake-Starring Rolls

Flower & Garden Festival, of course

Grey Goose Slushies in France

Coffee and Bailey’s while sitting on the Boardwalk

Nachos from ESPN and hopefully the Blackhawks will have some playoff games that week

Margaritas by the pool/Reading time by the pool

Ice Cream cones from Sea Shore Sweets

Dinner at Big River Grille-sitting outside drinking wine and people watching

Lots of picture taking for the blog

That’s about it for this next trip.  Time spent not doing what’s on the list will be spent relaxing.  So, do you plan every minute of your trip or just take it as it comes?


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Secret Decoder Ring

Everyone remembers the scene in the movie “Christmas Story”, where Ralphie, listening to the radio show, decodes the secret message using the decoder ring he just received in the mail;  “Drink Ovaltine” was the secret message.  Today, we’re not going to decode a secret message, but I thought I would provide a list of acronyms frequently used on Disney blogs and bulletin boards to help you understand the lingo.  Here are some of them:

DME-Disney’s Magical Express

ADR-Advanced Dining Reservation

BWV-Boardwalk Villas

SS-Saratoga Springs

WDW-Walt Disney World

DVC-Disney Vacation Club

VWL-Villas at Wilderness Lodge

THV-Tree House Villas

BLT-(not the sandwich)  Bay Lake Tower

ToT-Tower of Terror

MNSSHP-Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party

MVMCP-Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party

MK-Magic Kingdom

TOTW-Top of The World Lounge at Bay Lake Towers

SSR-Saratoga Springs Resort

OKW-Old Key West

BCV-Beach Club Villas

HA-Handicap Accessible

F&W-Food and Wine Festival

FP-Fast Pass

AP-Annual Pass

EMH-Extra Magic Hours

AK-Animal Kingdom

Rope Drop-arriving at the park just as it opens

CM-Cast Member

I know there’s more of these, so please feel free to respond and add your own.  Now that you know the lingo you can post with confidence on the boards and blogs.


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