What Not To Wear

People watching is the best attraction there is at Walt Disney World, especially the clothing that people choose to wear for a day at the parks.  While I have been known to shop and stress over what to wear on my vacation, it really boils down to the following:

  • Comfortable
  • Well-fitting
  • Quick drying (for those water rides)

My blogger friend over at “Pretty Grievances” captured some swell outfits from park goers on her last trip.  Main Street Style.  Of particular interest is the park visitor in the all white outfit accented with VPL and other things you should not be seeing.

The “Fashion Police” in me finds it hard to understand why some women find it so difficult to wear well-fitting clothes.  I’m not even talking expensive or designer, just something that plain old fits your body.  I have to think that these people don’t even have mirrors.  On my next trip I’m going to try to capture the good, the bad and the ugly of park couture.

I already know what I’m packing for the next trip; crop jeans, crop khakis (no shorts on these legs), solid color tee-shirts and comfortable walking shoes.  Very simple.  What are your basics that you need for a stroll in the parks?


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6 responses to “What Not To Wear

  1. I think comfort and well-fitting go hand in hand- your packing plans are very much like mine- I can’t imagine being comfortable in heels and a cropped top!

  2. wdwalone

    For me it’s all about casual and comfortable. Capris and t-shirts with running shoes are my staples for park hopping. I tend to wear oversized which I know is a faux pas, but when I can’t stand clingy clothes – especially when I’m overly warm.

    I’m sure I’d make some worst dressed lists, but that’s the way it goes :)!

  3. Smart move and post… There should be guidelines on comfy travel wear! 🙂 By the way, I updated my latest post, here is the new link: http://eof737.wordpress.com/2012/04/18/memories-of-moments-in-bliss/ TY! 🙂

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