Sweating the small stuff

Haiga- a picture drawn to accompany a haiku poem

I’m learning in my Creative Writing class that inspiration comes from all around us. John Brandi, the poet, spoke to our class about this and remarked that he is inspired by his travels and his surroundings at his home in the mountains of New Mexico. He has traveled extensively and wrote some beautiful haiku from his trips to Japan and Vietnam. Both Mr Brandi and my professor carry small notebooks with them to jot down ideas and inspirations.

Only being lucky enough to travel to Walt Disney World I do have an opportunity to travel around the world at Epcot.  On my next trip I will have the luxury of time to be able to take in all of the wonderful details that make Epcot so special. I hope to come back with wonderful tidbits for the blog as well as inspiration for the 10 pages of workshop writing that I need to do for class.

Where does your inspiration come from?


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8 responses to “Sweating the small stuff

  1. aloha Leanne T. a lot of my inspiration comes from the journey – or being aware while in this journey. the destination can be part of the journey of course. …still… i try to be aware of what happens and what is around me going to the destination as well as returning from a destination. this is true whether i am going to an event or a place – whether it is for work or for play, whether it is to the grocery store or Epcot Center (no, i’ve never been to Epcot Center – i have been to a grocery store tho). one of the things i’ve learned is that every step i take is a journey – even taking the garbage out to the curb – and returning is journey. when i keep my awareness open the world is an amazing place. fun. and full of inspiration. aloha.

    • Well said. I hope to become more aware and present in the moment. It’s hard to do, but I’m working on it.

      • it seems to me it’s a lot like training our mind in meditation. we are in charge of our mind, not the other way around – altho our mind likes to be in control. so we simply train it by gently setting it back on track each time we notice that it has gotten off track.

        it seems to me that the same thing applies to almost anything in terms of focus and mind or mind awareness. each time we notice our awareness has wandered off to something else we gently return it back on to what we are doing in our here and now.

        that’s true when meditating but it also works as we go about our day. that is all we have to do. that’s called “practice”. all we have to do is practice. practice setting our awareness on to what we are doing, where we are now when ever we find our awareness has wandered off. in this way i think we work with our mind to set it on the course we choose. cool on that. aloha.

      • You are so right! We ARE in charge of our mind.

  2. Inspiration is all around us, if we pay attention… I get distractions too… Meditation, walking, exercise help. 😉

  3. wdwalone

    I think I’ve been stifling my inspiration a lot lately and that needs to change.

    Other people are certainly inspirational to me. I like to learn from their trials, experiences, happiness and other emotions.

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