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Weekly Photo Challenge-“Summer”

I had to think about this one for a minute.  Summer to me means hot, living in air conditioning and getting my butt burned on a hot leather car seat.  I’m not much of an outdoors type person, nor do I like to camp, or swim.  So, what can I say about summer?  I looked no further than my back door and saw my glorious tomato plant growing and shouted “That’s it!”.  Summer is fresh tomatoes to me.

I love tomatoes, but mostly they taste like plastic for about 8 months out of the year.  But during the summer, the fresh tomatoes are juicy and well, just tomato tasting.  I have great plans for my single Roma tomato plant;  salsa, tomato sauce and caprese salad.  To accompany my plant, I am also growing cilantro for the salsa and basil and oregano for the sauce.  Fresh herbs and fresh tomatoes are the nectar of the gods as far as I’m concerned.

I just need to keep those pesky squirrels away from the plant.  Last year, Chip and Dale (my Disney tie-in for today’s blog)  kept making off with my nearly ripened tomatoes.

What is your favorite summer food?


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Weekly Challenge-“Hands”

As part of the post a week challenge I will be posting on non-Disney topics. This week is “hands” and I’d like to post my new favorite thing:


It was a fun time making my grandson’s handprint and just as messy too. I had to help him to keep him from digging his fingers in the goopy plaster. I have a another handprint stone made by my oldest daughter when she was in Girl Scouts which does not seem like that long ago. I’m not sure where all the time has gone. Sharing this poem to help put things in perspective.

Sometimes you get discouraged
Because I am so small
And always leave my fingerprints
On furniture and walls
But every day I’m growing–
I’ll be grown some day
And all those tiny handprints
Will surely fade away

So here’s a little handprint
Just so you can recall
Exactly how my fingers looked
When I was very small

What mementos do you have from when your children were small?


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To the MAX(i)

I was hoping to capture some vacationers gone wild in their clothing on my last trip, but every time I saw an odd outfit, I couldn’t get my camera ready in time.  Instead, I ended up channeling my inner Bill Cunningham, and documenting the latest fashion trend-the maxi dress.

Being an avid QVC watcher, they keep telling me that the maxi dress is the “must have” item of the season.  Only believing this to be sales hype, I resisted the urge to add a long flowing dress to my already overflowing closet.  As seen during my favorite pastime as Disney World, people watching, I saw more and more women rocking the trend.

Seen outside of Ghiradelli’s

Boardwalk People Watching

Both young and old seemed to be enjoying the comfort of the long skirt.



I was lucky enough to be sitting behind this woman who was waiting for a boat at the Boardwalk and I was fascinated by the geographic print and her overall look, which was spectacular and fashionable.  I hope she was on her way to a romantic dinner somewhere.


And lucky for me I ended up packing a long white skirt that I purchased last summer and was able to wear, so I could join the other fashionistas.  I wonder if someone took my picture?

In Style

P.S.  QVC sent me text while I was on vacation urging me to view the latest styles in maxi dresses.  Of course, I was not able to resist!

Are you wearing a maxi this summer?


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Reflections on a Disney Trip

So, I’m back from our latest sojourn from the Happiest Place on Earth, and I’ve been remiss in posting on the blog.  Work and school are conspiring against me and keeping me from what I’d really rather be doing, and that’s regaling my audience about my latest trip.

Going to summarize here and then share some of my pictures:

  • Crowds-not too bad, but then we only went to the parks one day.
  • Hotter than I would have liked it in May, but evenings were cool because it rained every night.
  • Last time for us on the Disney Dining Plan.  Too much food, although we timed our meals perfectly so I did not feel stuffed all the time.  Future trips will see us ordering an appetizer and sharing a main course- cheaper.
  • Nachos are getting skimpy at the ESPN bar.  Less chili and cheese this time, and too many naked chips.
  • Watched the Bulls lose, which was not that much fun.
  • Grey Goose slushies, awesome as always.  Also in love with the Habibi Daiquiri in Morocco.  Very refreshing.
  • Hosted our own Food and Wine Festival by sharing counter service offerings in Japan, China and Mexico.  I have deliciously discovered guacamole in Mexico which has fabulous.
  • Pox on the hotel guests who “save” chairs and tables at the pool with towels and stuff and then don’t show up for a few hours.  The ultimate in rudeness in my opinion.
  • Shame on parents keeping their children outside in the hot sun.  Saw way too many crying kids with flush faces, glassy eyes, and sweat plastered foreheads that should have been taken out of the sun.  It was way too hot for these little ones.
  • Did “American Idol” for the first time and it was spectacular.  One of the contestants gave me chills with his voice.  He obviously won the round, and I hope he ended up being a Dream Ticket winner.
  • The chocolate peanut butter cupcake from “Starring Rolls”, was ALL that and a bag of chips.  Awesome cupcake.
  • Babycakes- not so much on the cupcakes there.  The one I had was good, but not in the “to die for” category.
  • Trend D- still my favorite place to shop for character clothing.
  • Character Breakfast at Cape May Cafe is always a fun time!
  • Only 159 more days until my next trip.

We had not been to the Flower and Garden Festival for quite a few years, so it was a nice change of pace to visit again.  Epcot did not disappoint and the gardens, topiaries, and exhibits were breathtakingly beautiful.  My favorite was “Pixie Hollow” and I have included pictures below for your viewing pleasure.

I took lots of other pictures which have given me lots of ideas for future topics.




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It’s a nice day when you wake up in Disney World

Day 2.5 .  Arrived Saturday evening and spent the first night at Pop Century. Nice theming but definitely not my style of accommodations.  Sunday morning saw us shopping and getting ready to check into Boardwalk Villas. Room not ready until after 3pm so had some pool time and some ESPN time watching the Bulls lose.  Nachos and dingers of course. Weather is hot and an early evening thunder shower chased us back up to the room last night.

Writing at the pool this morning and hope to get more into Fifty Shades of Grey.  On the agenda today…absolutely nothing. Isn’t that what vacations are for?

More later…


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