To the MAX(i)

I was hoping to capture some vacationers gone wild in their clothing on my last trip, but every time I saw an odd outfit, I couldn’t get my camera ready in time.  Instead, I ended up channeling my inner Bill Cunningham, and documenting the latest fashion trend-the maxi dress.

Being an avid QVC watcher, they keep telling me that the maxi dress is the “must have” item of the season.  Only believing this to be sales hype, I resisted the urge to add a long flowing dress to my already overflowing closet.  As seen during my favorite pastime as Disney World, people watching, I saw more and more women rocking the trend.

Seen outside of Ghiradelli’s

Boardwalk People Watching

Both young and old seemed to be enjoying the comfort of the long skirt.



I was lucky enough to be sitting behind this woman who was waiting for a boat at the Boardwalk and I was fascinated by the geographic print and her overall look, which was spectacular and fashionable.  I hope she was on her way to a romantic dinner somewhere.


And lucky for me I ended up packing a long white skirt that I purchased last summer and was able to wear, so I could join the other fashionistas.  I wonder if someone took my picture?

In Style

P.S.  QVC sent me text while I was on vacation urging me to view the latest styles in maxi dresses.  Of course, I was not able to resist!

Are you wearing a maxi this summer?


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11 responses to “To the MAX(i)

  1. wdwalone

    Nope – no dresses for me in any style :). I do like Maxi dresses though and if I were to wear a dress that might be a style I would consider.

  2. no. i probably wont be wearing a maxi dress this summer. …ha. i do like the look however.

    i came to see your haiga. i think some of these dresses could inspire haiku. maybe some of them could even have haiku written into them.

    a palm tree summer
    this boardwalk breeze
    of floral dresses

    • I did my Haiga for my creative writing class, although I might post it here since I can do a tie-in to Disney with it. It is being critiqued tonight, so we’ll see. Like your haiku. Thanks!

  3. I ordered mine today!!! Not sure when or where I’ll wear it, but I didn’t want to miss out on the must have of the summer…

  4. I love changing into a dress at night for Disney, I’m the weird maxi dress gal on pirates of the Caribbean!

  5. Those maxi dresses are everywhere… they are comfy, light and colorful so I guess people love to wear them in warm weather.

  6. Caitlin

    Cute blog! Thanks for the ping back!

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