Pop Century and Play Doh

Interesting combination, don’t you think?  During our recent stay at Pop Century, I was very impressed with the hotel theming.  Given that I am a baby boomer, there were lots of things to remind me about my childhood.  One of them was:

Play Doh!  I loved that stuff, especially when you could mix colors together and then roll it all into a long snake.  Not being very artistic, a snake was all I could manage. Interesting history of play doh; it was originally created after World War II by the soap manufacturer Kutol Products, at the request of Kroger companies who wanted a product that could clean coal residue from wallpaper.  The nephew of the inventor of the product, Joe McVicker discovered that pre-school  children were using the product to make Christmas ornaments.

Joe took the product to an education convention and it was subsequently marketed by a department store in Washington, DC.  The McVickers formed the Rainbow Crafts Company to make and sell Play Dough and packaged the product in 3 7oz cans.  The product was picked up by Macy’s and Marshall Fields and ads for the product were seen on TV shows, Captain Kangaroo, Romper Room and Ding Dong School ( which I remember).

Play Doh’s current manufacturer, Hasbro revealed that the composition of the dough is primarily of water, salt and flour.  (Sounds like a pretzel to me.)  Petroleum has also been added for the product’s smoothness, and borax to prevent mold.

So today, you have learned all you ever needed to know about Play Doh.  Any childhood memories that you’d like to share about Play Doh?

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