Weekly Photo Challenge-“Create”

I’m loving the weekly photo challenges because they inspire me for blog topics.  Trying to incorporate that into a Disney theme is the bigger challenge.  This one was a bit easy because I am within viewing distance of my Disney scrapbook that I “created”, with a little help from a kit I bought at Archivers.  This book could easily be used to memorialize a single trip, but I’m using it more as a year over year chronicle.

My handmade Disney Scrapbook.

Because I have a plethora of pictures from Disney World, and I’m not in need of any more photos of the castle, or fountains, or gardens, or Spaceship Earth, I am now limiting my photo taking to either interesting stuff for the blog, or delegating the task for good pictures to the Disney Photographers.  Mr. T and I usually have several taken in various parks and then I choose the best one for inclusion in the new album.  Quality over quantity.  (and because those Disney Photo-Pass pictures are not cheap!)

2011 and 2012 photos

I have lots of space in the new album for future trips, and since we take only 1 (or 2 if we’re lucky) trips per year, this album should last awhile.

Empty spaces ready to fill with more memories!

Are you the photographer in your family? Do you scrapbook, or are you the “throw the pictures in a box” type?


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3 responses to “Weekly Photo Challenge-“Create”

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  2. It’s a beautifully made book. Good job! 😉

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