School Days!

Yes, I am still here.  I’ve been away working on my college classes and an on-line History class that has been keeping me busy with lots of writing.  Hope to get back to regular posting and reading other blogs.   With all this emphasis on school, I thought I’d tackle the subject of taking your kids out of school for a Walt Disney World vacation.

We always took my girls out of school for our trips to WDW.  Mr. T worked for the airlines and we could not fly during peak times such as Spring Break, Summer and Christmas Holidays, because we had to fly stand-by to Orlando.  Our preferred time of year was right after Thanksgiving.  Those crowds were gone and the Christmas decorations were up.  (Note:  everyone is now on to this fact and it seems to be busier than I remember.)  Anyhow, we asked the teachers to provide the make-up work, and homework would be done early in the morning before we hit the parks.   Being out of school was not much of a problem in elementary school, but the High School teachers really frowned on having the kids gone for a week each school year.

My justification was that a vacation in Disney World was an added dimension to their overall learning experiences.  Book learning has its merits, but life learning is also important.  The girls learned how to travel, met people from other parts of the country and world, sampled world cuisines and basically learned that there is a great big world outside of Missouri.  I felt these were valuable lessons, and I was not going to let school bureaucracy deter me.

So, where do you weigh in on this topic?


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3 responses to “School Days!

  1. I wish we could take our kids out to travel to Disney!My favorite time of year at WDW is in October. Unfortunately our school system did away with our fall break this year. :-(. To make things worse, they count absences for vacations as unexcused. So, no more October trips for us! We are now forced to travel during the hottest and most crowded times of year. Boo!

    • That really sucks with the school counting vacations as absences. Sorry that you have to travel during the hot weather and high crowds. Makes for a less than optimal trip, but hey, a day at Disney World is better than just about anything.

  2. I would travel with my kids anytime of the year… We did keep our travels mostly to the summer months.. I understand your point too. 😉

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