Sweet Dreams

Today’s topic is inspired by waiting at the airport today for a flight to Florida. (not Orlando, unfortunately). It never fails that I always see someone traveling through the concourse lugging their pillow from home. I shake my head and wonder where they could possibly be going where there are no pillows. If that’s not the case, my next question is: is your pillow from home SO comfortable that you cannot bear to be without it. I can’t imagine that a pillow can be THAT good. If it is, next time I need to ask them where I can buy one just like it. My third guess is that the traveler has an aversion to laying their head on a hotel pillow where other heads have been. Still, is it worth dragging that thing along with your other bags?

At the Boardwalk Villas in Disney World, there is a placard that provides all the information for you to purchase their bedding. Honestly, I’ve never been tempted. I have not found a bed yet that rivals my Verlo mattress.

My question(s) today…

Do you carry your pillows on the airplane or have you ever purchased hotel bedding? I am interested in getting other opinions because I can’t fathom doing either…


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4 responses to “Sweet Dreams

  1. My husband is a travel machine, we drive to Orlando. Well, he drives and I nap and read, so yes, I bring a pillow, but with space what is on planes, nope, I wouldn’t bring a pillow. Just me security blanket and my bear, like everyone else!

    • I totally understand pillows on car trips. You have the room to take a larger item like that. If we drove to Disney, I’d be taking pillows, blankets, crock pot, coffee pot and all the other stuff that I cannot fit into my already full Owner’s Locker.

  2. Some carry the pillows for support on the plane not for their hotel. I never carried one though tempted several times. 😉

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