iPad mini

iPad mini (Photo credit: patrick-allen)

I recently responded to a post on the DisBoards asking how many electronic devices do you take to Disney World.  For us, 2 iPhones, 1 Kindle, 1 Laptop and 1 iPad.  After thinking about this, it really sounded absurd.  At what point did we move from no electronics to 5 pieces of equipment for vacation?  Years ago, (I can reminisce because I’m of that age) it was just a camera, and then a video camera.  We have some precious vacation videos of my girls when they were kids and I am so glad that we captured those memories on tape.  Before cell phones, we purchased walkie-talkies to keep track of one another, and I don’t recall at what point cell phones starting making the trip.  Because we traveled to WDW every year, I think I even stopped bringing a camera.  And here I am today, with 5 devices.  The iPad is used for blogging, reading books and surfing the web.  Mr T has the Kindle with all of his books on it, and a mini-laptop because I don’t share my iPad, so that he can surf while drinking his morning coffee  And of course the iPhones for communication and photos and even videos.

Is my vacation a better experience because of electronics?  Well, I no longer have to lug all my books and magazines in my suitcase, which saves on space and weight.  The iPhones are very handy for snapping quick pictures and I’m able to do real-time updates/reports on my blog.  Surfing the web keeps us updated on what’s going on the world, but I really could just watch the news for that.  It would not hurt me to abandon Facebook and e-mail while on vacation, and I certainly do NOT look at work e-mail.

So, could I leave all the technology behind?  I’d like to try it, just once, but I’m not ready to cut the cord just yet.  How about you?


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6 responses to “Unplugged

  1. OK, let me tell you what frosts my husband….he got me a nook and I use it for surfing- I still bring a totebag full of books! He gets so annoyed!

  2. Well, since I know you drive, then I can totally understand bringing the books. As much as I like iBooks, there’s nothing like holding a real book in your hand.

  3. I would just bring a phone…I don ‘t want to be connected to anything or anyone while I’m on vacation….

  4. I’ll keep them all… but vacation is a chill out time so might cut back. 😉

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