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Trading Places

In a moment of..oh, I don’t know…temporary insanity-I’ve decided to take my 3-year-old grandson to Walt Disney World- sans his mother.  I have traded in my adults only Food & Wine Festival, pool napping, margarita drinking, sleeping in vacation for a park hopping tour with a toddler.  I’m happy about it!  It’s been 20 years since I traveled with a three-year old,  so this Grandma had to do some studying on travel do’s and dont’s with little ones. has been an excellent source of information, as well as the Disney Mom’s panel.  Here is what I have learned so far:

  • Pack pipe cleaners- these quiet, soft little things will apparently keep a young one busy on the plane as well as waiting in line at the parks. I’m practicing trying to bend these things into animal shapes to amaze and amuse my grandson, as well as other passengers on the plane.
  • CARES-Child Aviation Restraint System- a couple of straps and buckles that will keep your child in the airplane seat, shoulder harnessed, so he does not run screaming through the aisles.  Much better than lugging a 50lb monstrosity of a car seat on board.
  • Colorforms-these magical stickers can be peeled and re-used again and are perfect for pasting to airplane windows.  I’ve bought 3 packages of them.  I just have to hope we get a window seat.
  • iPad-Kid’s movies- need I say more?
  • Diaper bag- did not have one, now I do.  Will need something other than my mini-shoulder purse to carry- pull-ups, hand sanitizer, Clorox Wipes, Wet Ones, sippy cup, lighted key chain for the dark rides, Winnie the Pooh and Mickey Mouse playing cards, Matchbox cars, portable snacks, change of clothes, sunscreen and whatever else I can fit in that thing.  It’s like a Mary Poppins carpet-bag.
  • Tabletoppers- plastic place mats with the “Cars” characters on them.  I’m hoping between that and the Matchbox cars,it will buy me enough time to gulp down a quick-service meal before the native gets restless.

Disney has a whole page dedicated to Traveling with Little Ones and lists attractions best suited for..little ones.  I was not even aware that some of these existed, especially at Animal Kingdom, since we never go to that park.  I, apparently, will be spending lots of time there.

I have not seen a parade in years, but I’m already scoping out the best places to sit on a hard curb for 2 hours so that we have premium viewing, until some inconsiderate family plops down in front of us at the last-minute to block our view.

Out of all the advice, blogs, board postings that I have read, the most important thing I have to bring is patience.    Working on that now, and looking forward to watching my grandson experience all the magic that Disney has to offer.  If you see a tired, haggard, Grandmother pushing a stroller with a 3-year-old boy, that will be me.  I will also have the biggest smile on my face because I am sharing my love for Disney with the next generation.

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Run Disney

So, I did a half-marathon the other day…on my bike, but felt that it was time to think about doing a Run Disney event.  My blogger friend, Amanda over at Alone in Walt Disney World, participates in a great many of these races.  Reading her reports had sparked an interest because they sound like so much fun.  I’m not a runner, but I am in pretty good physical condition and do ride my bike a lot, both in spinning class and on the road, and thought “why not enter a Run Disney event?”.    The Marathon in January was not an option because I can’t take off work in January, but I did see the Princess Half in February as a possibility.  I’m not really ready for running 13.1 miles, but I could easily do the Royal Family 5K.   The stars aligned with availability at DVC that week-end, so I can finally say:  “I’M RUNNING IN A “RUN DISNEY” EVENT!!

I’m already thinking about my costume, and was tweeted by the lovely ladies over at Team Sparkle, and will probably choose some of their garb for the event.  After Halloween, I’ll be looking for some clearance costumes to see if I can find anything “Princess” like, and much to the chagrin of my already full closet, I’ll be looking for some better running shoes.   Who knows, I might like this running stuff!

For those of you who are avid “Run Disney’ers” what good insider tips can you provide other newbies like myself?


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It’s Time

OK, I’m waiting for the 2013 Mickey Mom’s panel to start accepting applications. I started this blog almost 1 year ago so that I could hone my writing/blogging skills in hopes of nabbing a spot on this prestigious panel. This would be a dream come true for me; helping others plan their trip to Walt Disney World. I am applying for the 4th year in a row, and I swear I have been unable to crack the code to what they are looking for in a panelist.

Enthusiasm for Walt Disney World-check
Expertise in travel planning to Walt Disney World-check
More knowledge than the average person about Walt Disney World-check
DVC member since 1999-check
More than 35+ visits-check
Vacationing there every year since 1983-check
Surrendering my first born as a Cast Member-check

I HAVE to be what they are looking for. Sitting tight and waiting for this year’s questions. Wish me luck.


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