It’s Time

OK, I’m waiting for the 2013 Mickey Mom’s panel to start accepting applications. I started this blog almost 1 year ago so that I could hone my writing/blogging skills in hopes of nabbing a spot on this prestigious panel. This would be a dream come true for me; helping others plan their trip to Walt Disney World. I am applying for the 4th year in a row, and I swear I have been unable to crack the code to what they are looking for in a panelist.

Enthusiasm for Walt Disney World-check
Expertise in travel planning to Walt Disney World-check
More knowledge than the average person about Walt Disney World-check
DVC member since 1999-check
More than 35+ visits-check
Vacationing there every year since 1983-check
Surrendering my first born as a Cast Member-check

I HAVE to be what they are looking for. Sitting tight and waiting for this year’s questions. Wish me luck.


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5 responses to “It’s Time

  1. Seriously- I would love to see the panel be more diverse- Disney Moms aren’t all looking for kids menus- you have a knowledge range they need! Then I can brag about knowing you even more!

  2. I can’t imagine anyone having more knowledge than you..If they don’t pick you this year, I would start your own panel!!!! Love ya…

  3. I hope they pick you… Keep us posted.
    Best wishes! 🙂

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