Run Disney

So, I did a half-marathon the other day…on my bike, but felt that it was time to think about doing a Run Disney event.  My blogger friend, Amanda over at Alone in Walt Disney World, participates in a great many of these races.  Reading her reports had sparked an interest because they sound like so much fun.  I’m not a runner, but I am in pretty good physical condition and do ride my bike a lot, both in spinning class and on the road, and thought “why not enter a Run Disney event?”.    The Marathon in January was not an option because I can’t take off work in January, but I did see the Princess Half in February as a possibility.  I’m not really ready for running 13.1 miles, but I could easily do the Royal Family 5K.   The stars aligned with availability at DVC that week-end, so I can finally say:  “I’M RUNNING IN A “RUN DISNEY” EVENT!!

I’m already thinking about my costume, and was tweeted by the lovely ladies over at Team Sparkle, and will probably choose some of their garb for the event.  After Halloween, I’ll be looking for some clearance costumes to see if I can find anything “Princess” like, and much to the chagrin of my already full closet, I’ll be looking for some better running shoes.   Who knows, I might like this running stuff!

For those of you who are avid “Run Disney’ers” what good insider tips can you provide other newbies like myself?


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3 responses to “Run Disney

  1. How cool! I’m so looking forward to reading about this. Go Leanne!

  2. Thanks- I need all the encouragement that I can get!

  3. You really are a dedicated Disneyite! 🙂

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