Life is…

…A never ending countdown of Disney trips. Never one to be content with just one Disney trip in the works; I now have two. Training and getting ready for the Royal Family 5k next month. (Tiara and Team Sparkle skirt bought), and I’m now obsessing (Mr. T’s word) about our fall cruise on the Disney Fantasy.

It’s been a few years since we cruised last but I’m so excited to be on Disney’s brand new ship. So much to read about and lots of new stuff like Fish Extenders, Satellite Falls, Aqua duck, Remy, and Pink Champagne Girls. AND…future blog subjects.

Stay tuned.



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4 responses to “Life is…

  1. Psst- we just used Daves DVC rental for our November trip- thanks for sharing that source with us!

  2. My brother used them last year and was very pleased! So, you’re going in November this year? so are we, but cruising. I was kinda done with Food and Wine for awhile and wanted to go when the Christmas decorations were up.

  3. wdwalone

    I’ll be at the Royal Family 5K too – it’s a fun 5K you’ll have fun!

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