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Elections-Disney Style


Vote (Photo credit: Joe Shlabotnik)

While recuperating from my slipped disc, I have had way to much time on my hands to think.  Looking at the recent election debacle in Florida, I racked my brain to try to help  Florida with the cluster that they currently have on their hands (for the last 12 years) and have decided that Florida should take let Disney take over their election process.

First, Disney is located in Florida, so this makes for a natural choice.  Secondly, who manages queue lines better than Disney?  If you’re going to be standing in line for hours at a time, Disney could set up those infamous rope lines to help corral the crowd and place overhead fans and misters to help the voters stay cool.  Disney could also install overhead monitors to help the undecided voters, by playing both Fox News and MSNBC so that the voters are very well-informed by the time they get to the voting booth.  (Fox News is fantasy, so this plays very well into the Disney theme)

Thirdly, Disney could institute the “Not So Scary, Very Merry, Early Voting” event, where voters, for the small price of $69.95 could purchase a ticket to a pre-election day event at the polling place of their choice.  The voter would be entitled to a line free voting booth and a commemorative pin with Mouse ears surrounded by a voting ballot with a hanging chad.  AND…the $69.95 would help the state of Florida with their current Mickey Mouse process and help them get their act together in time for 2016.

Who’s with me?

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The Mickey Mom’s Panel dream for 2013 has just faded until 2014.  I received (another) wonderful rejection notice today:


On behalf of all of us at Disney Destinations, LLC, thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule to apply for the 2013 Walt Disney World® Moms Panel. 

We realize how hectic it can be to keep a family going day-to-day, so we truly appreciate the effort you put into your application. It was clear just how much you do for those you love and the inspiring role Disney plays in your life. We were incredibly delighted by the heartfelt response and very humbled by the special stories you shared in your application. 

Having received thousands of entries, you can imagine how difficult it was narrowing the field to the next round. While you were not among those selected, we are very grateful that you took the time to enter and share your love of Disney Parks with us.  

The 2013 Walt Disney World Moms Panel will officially start their new roles in January 2013 at www.disneyworldmoms.com. We very much hope that you will visit the site regularly and along with them, keep sharing your love of Disney Parks with the world!  

Thank you sincerely for your application and if I haven’t already, I hope to meet you one day! Sharing your love of Disney Parks is infectious and you are part of a kind, happy Mouse-loving family.

Magically yours, 

So, nothing to do now except to keep blogging and to get ready for my grandson’s  upcoming Magical trip.  I’ll have toddler experience to add to my resume` for next year.



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Trading Places

In a moment of..oh, I don’t know…temporary insanity-I’ve decided to take my 3-year-old grandson to Walt Disney World- sans his mother.  I have traded in my adults only Food & Wine Festival, pool napping, margarita drinking, sleeping in vacation for a park hopping tour with a toddler.  I’m happy about it!  It’s been 20 years since I traveled with a three-year old,  so this Grandma had to do some studying on travel do’s and dont’s with little ones.

GrowingupDisney.com has been an excellent source of information, as well as the Disney Mom’s panel.  Here is what I have learned so far:

  • Pack pipe cleaners- these quiet, soft little things will apparently keep a young one busy on the plane as well as waiting in line at the parks. I’m practicing trying to bend these things into animal shapes to amaze and amuse my grandson, as well as other passengers on the plane.
  • CARES-Child Aviation Restraint System- a couple of straps and buckles that will keep your child in the airplane seat, shoulder harnessed, so he does not run screaming through the aisles.  Much better than lugging a 50lb monstrosity of a car seat on board.
  • Colorforms-these magical stickers can be peeled and re-used again and are perfect for pasting to airplane windows.  I’ve bought 3 packages of them.  I just have to hope we get a window seat.
  • iPad-Kid’s movies- need I say more?
  • Diaper bag- did not have one, now I do.  Will need something other than my mini-shoulder purse to carry- pull-ups, hand sanitizer, Clorox Wipes, Wet Ones, sippy cup, lighted key chain for the dark rides, Winnie the Pooh and Mickey Mouse playing cards, Matchbox cars, portable snacks, change of clothes, sunscreen and whatever else I can fit in that thing.  It’s like a Mary Poppins carpet-bag.
  • Tabletoppers- plastic place mats with the “Cars” characters on them.  I’m hoping between that and the Matchbox cars,it will buy me enough time to gulp down a quick-service meal before the native gets restless.

Disney has a whole page dedicated to Traveling with Little Ones and lists attractions best suited for..little ones.  I was not even aware that some of these existed, especially at Animal Kingdom, since we never go to that park.  I, apparently, will be spending lots of time there.

I have not seen a parade in years, but I’m already scoping out the best places to sit on a hard curb for 2 hours so that we have premium viewing, until some inconsiderate family plops down in front of us at the last-minute to block our view.

Out of all the advice, blogs, board postings that I have read, the most important thing I have to bring is patience.    Working on that now, and looking forward to watching my grandson experience all the magic that Disney has to offer.  If you see a tired, haggard, Grandmother pushing a stroller with a 3-year-old boy, that will be me.  I will also have the biggest smile on my face because I am sharing my love for Disney with the next generation.

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Weekly Photo Challenge-“Close”

Looking to work this week’s theme into my Disney blog, and I remembered some of the pictures that I took at Disney World that were a close-up of everyday things.

Cupcake close-up

Fairy Tale Close-Up

Towel “ears”

Winning Score Close Up!

Relaxation Close-Up

Today let’s stop and enjoy the people, places and things that are close to us.  Happiness is in your own backyard!


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It’s a nice day when you wake up in Disney World

Day 2.5 .  Arrived Saturday evening and spent the first night at Pop Century. Nice theming but definitely not my style of accommodations.  Sunday morning saw us shopping and getting ready to check into Boardwalk Villas. Room not ready until after 3pm so had some pool time and some ESPN time watching the Bulls lose.  Nachos and dingers of course. Weather is hot and an early evening thunder shower chased us back up to the room last night.

Writing at the pool this morning and hope to get more into Fifty Shades of Grey.  On the agenda today…absolutely nothing. Isn’t that what vacations are for?

More later…


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Is it me or does anyone else find this stuff creepy?  I used to collect the ceramic characters because I thought they were cute; little glass miniatures of your favorite Disney characters.  I don’t see those much in the parks anymore, but there sure is a lot of the vinylmation stuff.

Yikes! Scary!

What’s weird about these thing is that they are in the shape of Mickey Mouse.  I’m sure I NEVER saw Mickey morph into any of these types of characters.

Cross Dresser Mickey?

King Tut Mickey?

And to top it all off, these things are not cheap.  The ones I saw on the Disney Store website were $45 to $55.    I know why the ceramic figurines are not around anymore; no profit in them.  I used to spend $10-$15 a piece for them, so there you go.

I apologize to the Vinylmation collectors out there, but if you can convince me of the allure of these things, I might take a different viewpoint.


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Not Marty Sklar

I hope to post enough about Mr. Sklar so that his PR people will contact me and magically invite me to dine with him.  A girl can dream, can’t she?

Thanks to prttynpink who suggested the next best thing would be the Walt Disney World experience of “Dining with an Imagineer”.

From the Walt Disney World website:

Dine with an Imagineer at Walt Disney World Resort! During this one-of-a-kind experience, meet up with a Disney Imagineer for a delectable, 4-course meal at one of two Disney restaurants:

Up to 10 diners can delight in a fascinating discussion with one of the innovative artists who bring the magic to Walt Disney World Resort. To commemorate this special occasion, you’ll receive a souvenir plate that can be personalized by the Imagineer!

*Price: $60.99 Guests 10 and older (6.5% tax and 18% gratuity will automatically be added to the check).

First of all, a very reasonable price for the dinner AND the experience.  An intimate group of 10 would allow for adequate conversation with the Imagineer, without everyone trying to talk over one another.  Both of these restaurants are reasonably quiet so that you could hear what was being said.

I’m adding this to my Walt Disney World bucket list.  Feedback appreciated from anyone who has participated in this venture.  Hoping that you felt it was informative and worth your time.


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