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Pain in the Derriere

Literally…what started out as a nagging little back pain has turned into a painful sciatica attack, rendering me incapable of walking. If Disney World was holding auditions for the Hunchback of Notre Dame character, they would pick me. I’m walking hunched over, dragging my right leg and groaning loudly. It helps when I push the little guy in the stroller because I have something to lean on, so the last few days have not been a total loss. We were able to catch the highlights at Epcot and sample some of the food at the Festival. but we were back in the room early so I could soak in the jacuzzi.

Getting ready to leave the resort at the crack of dawn this morning and God willing, I’ll be home sitting on my heating pad in a few short hours.

This trip was bittersweet. The smiles from my grandson made everything worthwhile, but I’ll sure be happy to get home.

Time to start the countdown for our February trip and hope that with excellent chiropractic care I’ll be able to run the 5K then.


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It’s About…Time

Day 2 was all about time; veranda time, pool time, nap time, play time, campfire time, and bed time. We had no luck with the Character Breakfast at Cap May Cafe since we did not have reservations. I was able to reserve for Wednesday, so we will get to eat breakfast with Goofy and Minnie during our trip. We headed back to the Boardwalk for breakfast in the room and then we quickly changed into our suits and headed down to the scary clown pool. The water was just a bit chilly, and the little guy was shivering in no time, so the rest of the morning was spent at the playground where he was bullied by a 7 year old girl, who was as sweet as pie when I was around but she quickly changed her demeanor when I was not looking. Where do kids learn this kind of stuff so early? He got back at her by being mean to her little sister, and I only know that because the 7 year old tattled on him. Anyway, it was time for some lunch and a nap. The baby napped and I relaxed on the verandah with my frozen margarita.

With some time to kill before a delicious Home Run Inn pizza dinner in our room, we wandered over to the Community Hall. I have been a DVC member since 1999 and this was the first time I had been there. Pretty cool place, actually. If the kids are between toddler and age 12, it’s a great place to hang out. The little guy found some toys to play with; Legos, tinker toys, and a plethora of parts for Mr. Potato Head, and this weary Grandma got to sit down and watch the Disney movies that are played on their huge big screen TV. I also found out that there is a campfire every night near the pool with marshmallows. We’re in for that!

After dinner we headed to the campfire and got all sticky with marshmallow glue, but it was a lot of fun. Seashore Sweets was calling our name for ice cream cones so after a stop to watch the magicians perform tricks on the Boardwalk we indulged in big ice cream cones. The baby played “Frogger” running back and forth from our bench to the water’s edge to throw acorns to the ducks, and before you know it, bedtime was upon us. Another day over in Walt Disney World and tomorrow the fun begins with Magic Kingdom!






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The Adventure Begins

Grandma was well prepared for the 2 hour flight with a 3 year old. I kept pulling tricks out of that diaper bag for the entire flight and all was quiet. I wished I could have said the same thing for the many, many other kids on that 6:30pm flight out of STL. My little guy was an angel and that was all I needed. By the time we got the bags, the car, and arrived at Animal Kingdom Lodge, we were looking at almost the start of another day.

A quick glance out of our balcony and I could see shadowy figures in the distance. OMG we had a Savannah view room! The figures were shadowy because I did not have my glasses on. I ran back into the room, grabbed the glasses and much to our delight there were giraffes and antelopes in clear view of the balcony. I’m not sure who was more excited; me or the baby, but it sure was pretty cool.

After a quick 6 hour sleep and breakfast at The Mara, we headed out for shopping and for our move to Boardwalk Villas. As usual, the room was not ready at chek-in, but by the time we finished Downtown Disney, Walmart, Publix, Starbucks, Walgreens and car drop-off at the Dolphin, we received the much awaited text with our room number…not on a high floor as I requested.

Getting ready to march to the front desk to ask to be switched to another room, I looked at the room map and determined that maybe 2nd floor would not be too bad, and when I walked into our room and saw that we were overlooking the Village Green and the Boardwalk with the extended balcony that could easily host a party of 12, I was thrilled! This was one of the rooms that we had always wanted to be in…and we would be able to people watch to our heart’s content from our jammies on the balcony.

So, other than temporarily losing each of our cell phones, a lost (but found) fifth of Bacardi Limon by Bell Services, the first full day was a good one. The little guy was exhausted and in bed by 8pm which left Grandma and Papa some time to site on their balcony drinking coffee and Bailey’s and enjoying the comings and goings on the Boardwalk.

Tomorrow…Breakfast with the characters and pool time.






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Sweet Dreams

Today’s topic is inspired by waiting at the airport today for a flight to Florida. (not Orlando, unfortunately). It never fails that I always see someone traveling through the concourse lugging their pillow from home. I shake my head and wonder where they could possibly be going where there are no pillows. If that’s not the case, my next question is: is your pillow from home SO comfortable that you cannot bear to be without it. I can’t imagine that a pillow can be THAT good. If it is, next time I need to ask them where I can buy one just like it. My third guess is that the traveler has an aversion to laying their head on a hotel pillow where other heads have been. Still, is it worth dragging that thing along with your other bags?

At the Boardwalk Villas in Disney World, there is a placard that provides all the information for you to purchase their bedding. Honestly, I’ve never been tempted. I have not found a bed yet that rivals my Verlo mattress.

My question(s) today…

Do you carry your pillows on the airplane or have you ever purchased hotel bedding? I am interested in getting other opinions because I can’t fathom doing either…


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The devil is in the details.

As all of us Disney-philes know, no detail is spared at the resorts or the parks.  Every single nut, bolt, trash can, etc., is designed with the location theme in mind.  How many of us, though, actually take time to appreciate this minutiae in our travels to the World?   For the first time, armed with my camera, I photographed some of these details during my morning walks.

This piece of furniture in the Boardwalk lobby really freaks me out.  Almost as scary as the clown pool.

Creepy Smiling Girl chair

Under the heading of creepy; a lamp in the lobby of the Yacht Club.

Monkey Lamp

All the years I have been eating at the ESPN Bar, I never noticed the arm and the dumb-bell on the roof of the building

ESPN "Strongman"

or that the door-handles are in the shape of baseball bats

I’ve always known that Boardwalk Villas is a beautiful resort, but I had never taken the time to appreciate the aesthetics

Mission Style lighting on the storefront

The art-deco design of the banners hanging from The Screen Door

Scrollwork on the roof peak above Jelly Rolls

"Old Fashioned" signage above the pool showers

Iron-work detail of the Boardwalk railings

An "out-of-the-way" garden

This new-found appreciation really made this past trip very special.  I hope to be able to do more of the same on subsequent trips.

Just for fun, I’m posting the below picture to see if anyone can identify it.


Thanks for following along with me today.


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I Do

I’m not sure I realized the commitment I was making when deciding to do a blog.  I feel compelled to write every day, even if I only  have a few followers.  Writing the blog is both a commitment and a challenge to myself to be creative and think of something to write daily.    Titling the blog “disneytripandstuff” adds additional complexity to try to tie-in a Disney theme every day.

On that note, thinking about “I do” and commitments, I thought I would look into Disney’s Fairy Tale Weddings.  After seeing the Cinderella coach going past our room, I wondered what goes into the planning of a wedding of this type, and more importantly, the cost.

This information is not easily found on the Disney Wedding web-site.  I had to enter some information and pretend that I was planning a vow renewal to be able to download the brochure.  The weddings are divided into three categories; Escape Collection, Wishes Collection and Couture Collection.  Looking at the descriptions of each, I would categorize them as expensive, more expensive and outrageously expensive.  Given that the there are no prices in the brochure, I would make the assumption that if you have to ask how much it costs, you probably cannot afford it.

A description of the Escape collection gives the impression of a small intimate ceremony; a two tiered wedding cake, and a two bottles of champagne serving 12, along with some photography, musical accompaniment, a few pictures and a limousine ride.  Did not see anything about a carriage in that scenario.  I did look into this a few years ago with thoughts of a Disney Vow Renewal at Boardwalk Villas.  Price tag:  $4,000.  I love, Mr. T, and would like nothing better than to renew our vows in our favorite vacation spot, but that price was too steep for me.

So you can imagine that the price goes up from there to the all-inclusive, no holds barred, Couture Collection.  In the interest of time, I just quickly perused the web details, but noticed such items as;  draping the ballroom, wedding team, designer gown, crystal and flower petals, custom food and beverage, custom table linens.  Finding the pricing tab, I see that the Couture collection STARTS from $65,000!  Now I ask you, doesn’t this seem crazy for ONE day?  Most of the people I know would prefer to have that money for a down payment on a house.

So, to my daughters, you MAY be able to have a an Escape Collection wedding, but only if you pay for half.  For Mr. T and I, we may walk over to Sea Breeze Point at the Boardwalk and look longingly into each other’s eye and profess our love and commitment to one another and that will be our “free” vow renewal.  Price of the vacation is not included.

What do you think about the outrageous cost of a wedding?  How much is too much?


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